Looking for good places to entertain 11 year old boy in San Diego?

Question by : Looking for good places to entertain 11 year old boy in San Diego?
My 11 year old nephew is coming to visit and I’m looking for a good place to take him in San Diego. I know he likes water, so the beach is good. Are there any good theme parks and things around? What about a good children’s museum? Is there somethign really cool, that’ll just make his visit?

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Answer by Adonis
try legoland

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G-Scale Train Resources – The Best Places To Find Information On G-Scale Model Trains

There are quite a few resources you can use to search for information on all aspects of G-scale trains. Their wide popularity has generated dedicated websites, G-scale train clubs, and national and international organizations.

NMRA (The National Model Railroad Association) has a great website as a place to begin.  This website is for all scales of model trains, and thus you will need to dig a little to find what you are looking for.  NMRA is a non-profit organization that was formed for the encouragement and growth of the model train hobby around the world.  With 17 regions across the world, they are one of the largest model train organizations in existence.  As with most organizations, NMRA holds periodic conventions where enthusiasts can learn from others, share their own layouts and locomotives.  The NMRA website has links for electronics, clubs, hobby shops, tourist sites, and the railroad industry among others.  This is a great site to check out if you are interested in model railroading.

Another website where you can find information on G-scale trains is Railserve.  Although the website started in 1996 as a resource for railroad travelers, it has grown over the years to be a resource for all things about railroading, both actual and models. This website now boasts thousands of permalinks covering over 150 categories in countries around the world.  Almost every railroading publication has mentioned this organization, and it has won numerous awards over the years.  Bookmark this site as you will go back to it over and over as your interest in the model train hobby grows and grows.


If you live in a larger metropolitan area, there is a chance that your local hobby shop may have information about G-scale trains.  More likely, you should look for local shows, swap meets, and railroad museums to find information and learn more about these large scale trains.  Since these scale models have been around for some time, there is a large amount of history and thus historical information about them.

Online forums are a great source of information.  If you don’t see a thread about G-scale trains, start one yourself.  Ask questions, and others with more experience with these beautiful trains will be more than happy to answer them.  A recent search of mine in one forum showed over 150 model railroad enthusiasts online in that forum at one time!  It’s like a virtual meeting of people with similar interests.

It probably goes without saying that searching on Google is a great way to find resources for model trains.  Here are a couple of tips to help you with that search.  First, if you are searching for a specific phrase like “G scale trains” make sure you include the quotation marks.  If your results show a large number of sites that you are not interested in, and they include a common word, you can redo the search  and omit that word by inserting a dash in front of the unwanted word with no spaces in between (e.g. –sale).  Ebay is another great source of parts, but be sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer with lots of positive feedback in their profile.

G scale trains are not as popular as other scales due to their larger size, so you may have to search a little harder for information.  But these trains are worth the effort, so don’t give up!

Henry Michael is a model train enthusiast who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them get the most out of this exciting hobby.  For more information on  G-scale trains, visit my website at http://www.modeltrainenthusiast.com/ and learn how easy it is for you to get involved with model railroading.  It will help you to avoid mistakes that most beginners make.  If you are more experienced, it will give you a different perspective on things you maybe doing or would like to do.

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Places to Buy Discount O Scale Model Trains?

Question by Matt: Places to Buy Discount O Scale Model Trains?
I have been thinking about getting into O scale model railroading for a while now. I am currently modeling in HO and N but just curious as to if there is any place to buy O scale items cheap, since everything seems extremely expensive.
I am not intending to move to a larger scale. I want to stay with my current scales, but considering O scale as well.

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Answer by Wdlane
I fully understand the attraction to the larger scales. If you check eBay there is usually someone selling Atlas O Scale if they are changing scales as well. I will admit it is very nice equipment. Of course you could also use eBay to sell your N and HO to fund your O Scale purchases.

However, instead of going to O Scale, perhaps you could consider S Scale. I am in S for 22 years now. I would not have it any other way. The most prominent producer of S Scale plastic rolling stock (S Helper Service) has the same manufacturer as Atlas O Scale.

Here are some websites you could look at:
and last but not least my own website showing a large quantity of what has been made in S Scale brass

Good luck in your decision to move to a larger scale. You by far will not regret it! I have not looked back once in 22 years after leaving HO.

Bill Lane

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Trading/sharing toys in public places?

Question by Artie Lange Fan: Trading/sharing toys in public places?
Say your kids and some other kids are playing on one train track and they all have different trains. What if a kid wants to “trade trains” with your kid. Are you supposed to make your kid trade or does that kid just have to be happy he has a train?
The trains all belong to the library. I wasn’t sure what to do cuz they all had trains to play with but one kid just wanted the train my son had.

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Answer by Joy Knight
I don’t think your kid should swap trains if he doesn’t want to.

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