O Scale Garden Railroad – Lionel Legacy Pennsylvania 2-10-4 J1a Texas

First run outdoors for 2012. I added a new natural rock tunnel & hooked up the pond pump for the water feature under the bridge. Enjoy the video train friends! Thanks for watching as always! www.pghtrainfanatic.com Tags Lionel Legacy model train railroad O scale Gauge Outdoors garden GZN HO MTH DCS Visionline Pennsylvania 2-10-4 J1a texas type steam locomotive engine bridge water waterfall

Pennsylvania Railroad, CG1, #4935 & Southern Railway E8, #6900

Pennsylvania Railroad, CG1, #4935 & Southern Railway E8, #6900
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Image by cliff1066™
The famous GG1 locomotive was once the workhorse between New York City , Washington DC, and Harrisburg. Initially built to haul heavy passenger trains at top speed, some were also regeared for freight service. They were introduced as part of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s massive 1930s project to electrify the line (install an infrastructure of overhead electric "catenary" wires to power the engines). Electrification was the solution to moving more trains with more cars and faster acceleration than steam locomotives could handle. The catenary, partly financed by the Federal government during the Great Depression as an economy stimulus, is still used today by Amtrak. Through their lives, the 139 GG1s were painted in various colors, with the Brunswick green (almost black) the most remembered.


Onboard NS 8102: The Pennsylvania Heritage Unit

On June 10, 2012 the Pennsylvania heritage unit made its first journey to the Northern New Jersey Shared Assets area. We had the chance to get an up close and personal view of the engine in Croxton Yard thanks to our friends at Norfolk Southern. In this exclusive video we will take you for an inside look at the Pennsylvania Heritage unit. Throughout the video you will see the engine starting up, the prime mover itself, as well as the many things inside the cab itself that can not be seen from the outside. We truly hope you enjoy this special video of the Pennsylvania Heritage unit, opportunities like this don’t come around too often so we’re thankful we were able to document this video for our fellow rail enthusiasts. At the end of the cab tour we included a clip of NS 8102 leading H8K out of Croxton Yard in the last hour of daylight. Seeing the engine actually pulling a train was definitely the icing on the cake for this phenomenal day!

MTH Premier Pennsylvania PRR E-8 ‘s Diesel Locomotive Set

My Favorite “real life” engine now on the PIR !!! Enjoy the video train enthusiasts! 🙂 Long live the Pennsy! Thanks for watching and commenting! please visit: www.pghtrainfanatic.com tags Pennsylvania PRR Pennsy E8 E-8 diesel engine # 5711 5809 tuscon red train MTH DCS Command O scale Lionel Legacy Vision Premier railking Pittsburgh Pghtrainfanatic layout table o gauge, railroad model n G HO track fastrack ross gargraves z stuff blast furnace river water K line Kline broadway limited passenger cars service haul pull frieght electric
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Lionel Vision Pennsylvania CC2 0-8-8-0 Steam Locomotive #8183

please visit: www.pghtrainfanatic.com Oh my goodness….guy’s I’m completely blown away by the PRR CC2s engine!!!! I never imagined a toy train could ever be this real!!! I wanted this steam locomotive from the day It was first announced, and I feel very fortunate to finally own one, and to be able to share it with everyone! Thanks so so much for watching! Have a great day train friends, and enjoy Lionel product # 6-11154 PRR CC2 CC2s Pennsylvania Pennsy 0-8-8-0 8183 vision genset challenger big boy hybrid evolution CP GE UPY 3000 AT&SF 2-10-10-2 clinchfield union pacific 3989 3967 3976 3983 coal fired sante fe
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Lionel Legacy Lionmaster Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4 Duplex #5511 Product # 6-11207

please visit: www.pghtrainfanatic.com Hi guys, back to what matters the most! TRAINS!!!!! Here is the new vision whistle equipped Lionel Lionmaster Pennsy T-1 Steam locomotive from Lionel! Let me just say that this thing is ill train friends! It by far is the best sounding engine…

how do you hook lionel pennsylvania flyer train tracks up to the transformer where you control it .?

Question by colts_rock_1: how do you hook lionel pennsylvania flyer train tracks up to the transformer where you control it .?
i lost the directions i have the cord to connect the two but i dont know how

Best answer:

Answer by Dilbert
It should be obvious from the cord. Does it any bare wires, or just connectors? If it just has connectors, they aren’t likely to fit the wrong way, so you just connect them whatever way they fit, and it should work fine. If it has any bare wires, there should be screw terminals or post terminals for them. You just loosen those, wrap the bare end of the wire, and tighten. You’re really not likely to get it wrong, so just try it, how it looks like it ought to go, and see if it works.

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