Kato Renfe AVE Series 100 N Scale (Escala N) Train Pack Review

This is the first of my model train review videos to be released in High Definition using my new JVC GZ-HD500SEK Video Camcorder and you should be able to see the details better on the train pack without blur or distortion. The train pack in the review is the Kato Renfe AVE Series 100 in the new “Operadora” livery which looks nice on this model in particular. The livery was intoduced around 2008 and I bought this model in 2009 as there is a few videos of this train actually running on my layout in some older non-HD videos. The motor car is all wheel drive with drive to both trucks on the power car and there also directional lights on both the power car as well as the non powered car. You can use this train pack on DCC as Kato make the “slot in” DCC decoders that are availible seperately. The detailing is superb on this model and the carriages have interiors as well as there is an option for a interior lighting LED kit availible seperately. The motor is quiet and the whole train runs very well. I would certainly recommend this train that any N gauge modeller that models high speed trains. The Renfe AVE Series 100 is a Spanish version of the French TGV Reseau although these trains are more streamlined than the TGV as the front on the TGV is more rigid. AVE means “Alta Velocidad Espanol” (or High Speed Train of Spain in English!). Overall Rating: 10/10

Can I connect multiple HO scale model train power pack controllers together to run multiple engines at once?

Question by Zaner: Can I connect multiple HO scale model train power pack controllers together to run multiple engines at once?

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Answer by Old Man Dirt
If they are going to be in a single block and operated as unit, it is better just to buy a bigger power pack. If you want to run them as separate trains, then you need to either wire in blocks for the trains to operate and have separate power packs or go with command controls.
This link:
explands it better then I can in the space allowed.

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Running two model trains on one track with one power pack?

Question by Yoshiko: Running two model trains on one track with one power pack?
I’m just beginning to explore the hobby of model railroading, and I currently have an HO train running on a simple oval. I think I’d like to purchase a new HO engine, and I was wondering if it would work if I ran it on my current track at the same time as my other engine. Can one power pack handle both trains at once? I read that it may be possible, but the trains will operate at different speeds and will eventually crash into each other. Would it be better for me to build a whole new track just for the new engine and purchase a second power supply?

Also, do you recommend that a beginner should read Model Railroader magazine? I want to expand my knowledge of model railroading, but I’m not sure if the magazine only focuses on advanced audiences.

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Answer by Angry Sailor 302
The magazine “Model Railroader” is mainly geared towards intermediate to advanced modelers.

It is possible to control two trains on one loop of track with one power pack.

You could set up the track in “blocks” where you can shut off power (or with a variable resistor, throttle the power), where the trains can be independently controlled.

Adding sidings is another method, where you can shift one train to a siding to allow the other to pass.

There are a lot of methods out there, limited only by your budget and what you are capable of doing.

It would be better to have a second loop, perhaps connected with turnouts to run two trains. My layout has two loops with a small yard, allowing three locomotives to run at once.

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Could I hook up a circuit breaker to a 16VDC power pack and not damage anything?

Question by AJ: Could I hook up a circuit breaker to a 16VDC power pack and not damage anything?
I model railroad and need to know if I can hook up a circuit breaker to a Hobby transformer that gives off 16VDC. Please tell me to add details if necessary so I can get the answer I need. Thanks, AJ.

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Answer by Ken
I would recommend a Fuse rated at the all the specs you need for this application

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Garden Trains: USA Trains – Train Power 10 Power Pack

The “Train Power 10” is designed to operate all standard DC Gauge model trains. The output voltage is high enough for G Scale and the output voltage wave form is delicate enough for N Scale. The design of this power pack includes a very special circuit that provides the correct waveform and voltage for slow speed operation without overheating even the most sensitive instrument motor. The unique circuit that adjusts the output for each scale train is called “Dial-A-Gauge.” Join us at www.teamlargescale.com

I have a 1942 lionel train set with the original duel power pack it works whats the going price?

Question by : I have a 1942 lionel train set with the original duel power pack it works whats the going price?
i have a a 1975 lionel kids train with power pack

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Answer by Mike M.
Best advice I can give is to suggest you have it appraised by your local hobby dealer, maybe he or she can give you a fair price for it. Good Luck.

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Lima L149786 TGV Thalys PBA Train Pack Review (HO 1:87 Scale)

This is a review of the Lima TGV Thalys PBA high speed train pack that was released in the early 2000’s. This is the same style of power cars that the TGV Reseau uses and these are my favourite type of TGV’s that are used in France. The train pack has two power cars which are one is powered and the other one is a non-powered dummy unit with two intermediate end trailer carriages which one is a first class and the other is a standard class carriage. There is directional lighting on the power cars and the motor car has all-wheel drive to both trucks with a central can motor. The set is not DCC-ready but a decoder could be “hard-wired” to the motor car if required but you would also need another decoder to control the lights on the dummy unit as well. The pack is very nicely detailed and it comes with extra detailling parts in a packet which you can add to the models in the pack to make it even more realistic if you wish but I recommend narrow-nosed precision tweezers to handle the fine detailled small parts as they can be fiddly to fit. The pack is modelled to the continental HO 1:87th scale gauge and there is two add-on carriage packs availible to extend this pack to a full TGV rake which this would be 10 units in total. The TGV Thalys PBA runs from Paris in France to Bruxelles in Belgium and Amsterdam in Holland (Nederland). The Thalys is the modern day TEE (Trans Europe Express) in northern Europe. I am planning to get the Lima TGV Thalys PBA as well to complement the
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Is a six pack an unrealistic goal to maintain?

Question by shyone: Is a six pack an unrealistic goal to maintain?
Do you think a six pack is an unrealistic goal to maintain? This article pretty much claim keeping one year round is unrealistic. Do you agree? Disagree?

Attaining those ‘six-pack’ abs is only half the battle

For the first half of 2009, Jason Dinant morphed into a gym rat. He worked out four times a week in a gym cycling on a stationary bike, lifting dumbbells and doing hundreds of sit-ups to attain his New Year’s resolution of having “six-pack” abs.

He ditched the junk food and scarfed down 16 hard-boiled egg whites, one and a quarter pound of meat and four cups of vegetables a day.

After six months of diet and workouts with a trainer, the fruits of his labor surfaced from his stomach in June. He got his six-pack.

But months later, reality set in. After relaxing his diet and fitness routine, Dinant’s six-pack whittled down to a two-pack.

“I got worn out from working out and took a break from it,” said the 28-year-old.

Six-packs are difficult to maintain because they require less than 10 percent body fat, said Jordan Yuam, a fitness trainer and owner of Jordan’s Virtual Fit Club in Valencia, California, who was not associated with Dinant’s fitness.

“It’s really, really hard to keep that up,” said Yuam, who trained “Twilight” actor Taylor Lautner.

“Most people, in terms of bodybuilding or any kind of figure modeling, they have something called off-season training. They’re going to look best during competition time. People don’t realize there’s two different worlds of the human body that you generally don’t see when they’re in magazines. They think they look like that year-round — it’s not true.”

Even bodybuilders need a break from the intense workouts. And Dinant plans to follow that route.

“I have friends who are bodybuilders,” said the Las Vegas, Nevada, resident. “Two months before competition, they’re in competition mode. Then they relax, then go back to competition mode. They don’t put stress on the body 24/7. They regulate it for certain things. I found that’s the best thing for me. I still do my ab routine. I’m not as strict though.”

Switching between intense and moderate training is not harmful, because the body needs a break, Yuam said.

“It’s like an Ironman athlete,” he said. “There are times you’re working out really hard, and you cool down and rest and go back at it.”

Dinant was one of the contributors chosen last January when CNNhealth.com asked viewers to submit their 2009 New Year’s resolutions and chronicle their journey to change on iReport.com.

His public quest for a six-pack also landed him a spot on the New York City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride March in June. That afternoon, after parading around shirtless and flaunting his newly sculpted stomach, he felt a pang.

As the festivities wrapped up, Dinant dashed across the street to sink his teeth into a footlong sausage sandwich sold by a street vendor. He also wolfed down a pastry. “Then I got a stomachache,” Dinant said.

But Dinant is not mourning the loss of his six-pack.

“I eat a lot more vegetables than I ever did,” he said. “I still eat zucchini and rice. It makes you feel better. … I do feel like it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m happy I went that course this year.”

He credits this year’s fitness resolution for getting him healthier.

“I find that there’s a happy medium for me,” Dinant said. “I eat healthier. I’m happier. I’m at the shape I’m happy at.”

Despite the bevy of taut and toned bodies on magazine covers, better body self-image is important, said Yuam.

“People need to realize you can’t look like that year-round. The magazines and their covers, they’re all ‘Photoshopped.’ That’s not what they look like. Acceptance is something that people don’t understand.”

While six-packs are possible to build in several months, Yuam cautioned that the feature doesn’t serve any health function.

“It’s more for show. It’s a cosmetic thing,” he said.

But for those who seek tighter abs, here are more of Yuam’s tips:

— Diet is a big part of the battle. Avoid starchy carbohydrates before going to bed. Incorporate good fats such as avocado and olive oil into the diet. Eat frequent, small meals.

— When picking food, go the caveman route. Does this product occur in nature or come from trees? If not, try to avoid it.

— Most people spend pointless hours in the gym, because they are not following proper technique. When people work on their torso, they may be swinging too much or using too much momentum. “It’s not a race,” Yuam said. “You want to feel them, doing 15 minutes the right way, that’s equivalent to doing an hour the wrong way.”

— Work on your abs every other day, because overworking your abs won’t give you results. “There has to be time for recovery for the muscles to come in,” he said


source – http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/12/23/6pack.abs.update/index.html

I would say… It is not difficult to

Best answer:

Answer by walking disaster
ah. no its not an unrealistic goal to maintain.

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