GSD owners.When your dog has to protect you?

Question by George: GSD owners.When your dog has to protect you?
how old is to be your GSD to protect you?I am the only owner of my puppy….he doesn’t like other dogs jumping on me,robbing my pockets.he is Very well socialized ,basic trained” Bronze award KC”,friendly with dogs,any breed and size,people ,loves play with kids…he loves his toy/a ball/ and easily “recalled’
he is 5 month old,and most of answers i get is to take him to classes…..he is not aggressive at all.I play with my puppy always gently,ball games mostly…fetch…
he plays with another dogs ,chasing,power a dog park.
But when once i was literally attacked by labrador’ for food/as half an hour laterown appearedd/,my puppy nearly attacked him…
he is O.K. with people.But when my friend wanted to play power game with him/jumping and sounding aggressivee/ he didn’t take it.He started barking and nearly attacked him….Is it normal for GSD,even if he is a puppy.I am the only owner,never anybody gave him treats.

I know GSD can be overprotective,
my dog is resistant to strangers trying to take him fallow them with a sossage.he knows he will get one from me.So you tight up one in fron of the shop.You go out ,you pet is not there.
Good manners .MY GSD is great.
Am i missing something?

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Answer by Bozema
Your dog should never be attacking anything. The big mistake people make is thinking that dogs are naturally “protective” of them. The problem with this is the dog doesn’t know not to protect you from your friend or another over-exuberant dog and this is where injuries and lawsuits come from. You need to train your dog to follow your commands and that means no attacking.

To have a trained protection dog means many hundreds of hours of specialized training so that the dog follows your commands exactly every time.
Anything else is dangerous.

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