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Model Train Layout Overview – Floor Level

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

An overview of my St James and Western Railroad from about chest high on March 26, 2012.
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Model Railroad VLog: Running Trains & Layout Overview: Part 2

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

My Web Site: This is Part 2 of a Higher Quality Version of the “Trains Running Through Scenery” series. A bunch of you asked to see trains running through the scenery I created for the Extruded Foam Video Series on my model railroad so here it is.
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An Overview of Electric and Wooden Train Sets

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

A Train Set is a model set, which usually is comprised of a toy train (usually an engine, goods wagons and or passenger cars, and a brake van or Caboose as it is sometimes know) and a selection of model train track that when joined together forms a contiuous oval of train track that the toy train can be moved around. There are generally two types of train set wooden and electric. Firstly wooden train sets which tend to be aimed at younger children of toddler age, these follow the model of a train set with a number of carriages and a loose oval of track which is generally quite small. Whilst electric train sets are aimed at school aged children and in many cases lead to a hobbist obsession in adult life. These railway sets can be more expansive and can be added to with a plethora of extra train track and train accessories.

Wooden Train Sets

A great learning toy for younger children, wooden train sets have always been popular and have recently had a resurgence in popularity. They are particularly well suited to younger children who can learn and practice many skills when playing with a wooden train set. A wooden railway are easy to set up, the connection points where each piece of train track connects are usually slightly loose this enables the track to be joined together easily. The loose connections also allow each train set layout to be made far more easily because the railway doesn’t have to be put together too precisely. This suits toddlers and pre-school children who perhaps do not have the full set of precise skills. Although smaller in size these train sets often have many additional wooden trains and wooden train accessories as well as buildings and scenery.

Electric Train Sets

Electric train sets are designed for older children and hobbists. An electric train set is usually powered by a controller/transformer with electricity from an outlet or battery. More modern variations, such as those made by Bachmann Industries, Hornby Railways, Märklin, and Lionel, LLC , include digital command control (DCC) in replacement of analogue control (DC) which offers more flexibility in a layout, and the ability to run more than one train. Sets come at various prices from USD for a starter set in HO scale to USD ,000 for a Märklin Gauge 1 set.

Hornby produces a wide range of train sets, such as ‘Smokey Joe’ and ‘Local Freight’, analogue entry level sets, up to ‘East Coast Express’, a premium set, comprising a Pullman train, double track oval and controller for two tracks/trains. Some Hornby sets, such as ‘The Western Spirit’, consist of a mixed train.

Since the introduction of digital control, both Hornby and Bachmann have introduced train sets which feature their respective ‘elite’, select’ and ‘dynamis’ control systems.

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Model Trains – A Quick Beginners Overview Into the Model Railroading Hobby

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 brings you this video that aims to help beginners to model railroading understand some of the basics of the World’s Greatest Hobby! It will cover topics such as gauge and scale as well as talk about some of the more common train scales.

ZTNT Model RailRoad Layout Overview

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Here is a video of the Zane Traces & National Trails Model Railroad layout. Located in Zanesville, OH. The video is a little bit shaky, But the quality is still good. If you dont like the music, please mute it and dont complain to me why you dont like it. Hope you enjoy this video. Tags Model Railroad, BLMA, Tracks Ahead, ZTNT, Train Layout Overview, HO Trains, Ohio Southern, CSX, Norfolk Southern, BNSF, Coal trains, Model train club, Train layout tour, Weathering trains, SD40-2, MTH Trains, Exact Rail, Athearn, SD70Mac, SD38, SD70ACE, Coal train, Mixed freight, Big model train layout, Model railroader, Ohio central, Union Pacific, Railroads, HO Train watching, Layout Tour
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overview of loft railway

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

overview of loft railway
bachmann trains
Image by 28Gwyn
Platform 2 sees most traffic – through trains from Workington/Whitehaven to Penrith/Carlisle and Lancaster. Platform 1 only sees occasional use for the daily sleeper train from London and passing trains on the "main line" hence the weed growth on the platform. Platform 3 used to be the Maryport and Carlisle bay but now long since closed and the bay is used for a twice daily train to the north east via Penrith.

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