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A full day of outdoor O-scale model railroading! Featuring some of the best steam and diesel motive power pulling a variety of freight and passenger cars! This is an even LONGER video, re-edited with new footage not seen in the original. There are great camera shots, and lots of trains-on-tracks, Hop aboard and enjoy a day in the great outdoors!

Any suggestions for a great place to tak outdoor family photos in Maricopa, AZ?

Question by ayzli’s_mom: Any suggestions for a great place to tak outdoor family photos in Maricopa, AZ?
I have the photographer and now I am just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a great place to take family photos in Maricopa city, AZ. I want palm trees and water if possible. Some great architecture or fun background ideas also welcome! Help! I’m stressing to get my family photos done for Christmas cards!

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Answer by Norma
to Adobe Dam Regional Park. Sitting at the base of the Hedgepeth Hills in north Phoenix, this 1,526-acre park offers recreationists the opportunity to participate in activities that require ample space. The land is used by many clubs, including:
Arizona Model Pilots Society R/C Airport, Airfield
Saguaro Central
Maricopa Live Steamers
Arizona Model Railroading Society
Phoenix Kart Racing Association Race Track
Arizona Karting Association Kart Racing Track
Fort Adobe Paintball Complex
Adobe Dam is also home to:

500 Club Championship Golf Course
Victory Lane Sports Complex Ball Fields
Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix – for general information, contact (623) 201-2000.


GREEN ICON: It is safe to burn a campfire in the park, unless the park has implemented a fire ban.
RED ICON: Under no circumstances are fires allowed.

Park Hours
The park is open from
6 a.m. to 10 p.m. No entry after 10 p.m.
Please visit their individual sites for current hours.

Adobe Dam Regional Park
23280 N. 43rd Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85310
Ph: 602-506-2930

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Outdoor O-scale Model Railroading!.wmv

Join us as we take ‘the world’s greatest hobby’ to the great outdoors! On this beautiful sunny day we feature several of our O-scale trains in action. If you’re a rail-fan, or new to the hobby, you’ll thrill to the sights and sounds of these great looking model trains as captured on this video. We’ve picked out some of the best places, trackside on our layout, to spot trains as they make their pass – so sit back and enjoy your time with the Silver Rail Club!

lf I have an outdoor garden train set, what is the best way to protect the track from the winter rains?

Question by IronBob: lf I have an outdoor garden train set, what is the best way to protect the track from the winter rains?
I’m setting up a G scale garden train and I’m concerned about just leaving the track to the elements. I don’t want to pull it up but I don’t want to just leave it to the rain either. Any experienced train enthusiasts have any solutions for this or am I just being too detailed. The track I’ll be using will be brass.

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Answer by ralf
There are forums and clubs out there specifically for garden trains. I think they would be able to help you.

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Outdoor Model Railway Trains at the B&O Railroad Museum

Here’s a video and some still pictures from a recent visit to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD. It’s a large automated G-Scale layout with extensive scenery and live foliage. Along with the vast inventory of real trains, the museum also has the Smithsonian Museum’s collection of static model trains as well as another HO scale operating train layout that runs the entire length of a passenger car. I’ll post a video of that layout soon. Hi-res still picture gallery is here: i87.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5