Questions About Being Otaku?

Question by 電車男: Questions About Being Otaku?
OK, we all know that the meaning of Otaku in Japanese is “another’s house.” That refers to the outsiderness of Otaku interests. Anime, manga, gamer, and computer Otaku are usually made fun of (until recently), yet other types of Otaku are tolerated (at least here in the US).

Otaku refers to one obsessed with a hobby. So, can someone explain why certain types of Otaku are accepted by society while others are not? For example, gun Otaku have the NRA. Cigar Otaku have the Cigar Aficionado magazine. Model Railroaders (densha Otaku) have the NMRA. Doll Otaku are considered collectors…as are coin and stamp collectors (they have their own associations).

If you love movies, you can become a film critic and get your own show, like Roger Ebert. Why, you can even get a Master of Fine Arts degree in it! BUT, if those movies happen to be animated, look out; you are officially a GEEK.

If you go out on Halloween (or go to a UK “fancy dress party”), you are considered cool. If you go to a cosplay event, you are a weirdo.

Anyway, why are us Weeaboo-types stereotyped? I mean, are we any more loony than NFL fans, who paint their faces and go bare-chested to football games when it is -10 degrees? LOL

Sure, we do have our share of mega-Otaku, but some of us don’t fit the mold. I mean, I am a 59-year old retired Psychologist and Professor. I am happily married, with four kids…own my own home and some decent material goodies. Does having a sh!tload of anime, manga, figures, and a Volks Super Dollfie somehow change me inalterably? 🙂

So, I would like you to give me your comments on being Otaku.

Thanks…I would love to hear what you have to say about this issue.
Although…I do have to admit that dropping the better part of $ 1,000 on my Super Dollfie was a bit of a weird act. Who cares, I like it; it makes me happy. Weird…Otaku…but happy. (Plus, it increases in value over time.)
Stephen: I have two sets of twins (all under 4, lucky us…LOL…bad timing) and Elfen Lied is not on their anime bill of fare.

We always cosplay on Halloween. Last year, I went as Ikari Gendo and my wife went as Belldandy. Got to admit, the Belldandy “do” is gonna require a whole lotta hairspray (watch out ozone layer!).

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Answer by hugeballman
Well I don’t find it weird at all actually, and yes I do know what you mean, it is annoying isn’t it? Im 18 well 17 but basically 18, and my family criticize me for liking anime and such…. So basically I sometimes shut my self in my room and lock the door or desperately try to avoid situations where they can talk to me about it. Cos’ it pisses me off so much…

But yeah I dont know why we are consider “Geeks”
I was the fastest runner in Darwin *Australia* with 100m for 4 years running and went to Canberra for it. I played soccer as well as tennis for 12 years. But as soon as i mention i like anime, im suddenly a geek…. If i said i liked guns like you said that would be okay…

I think its because its animation? I dont know, personally i dont have a problem with it, i mean some things you see in anime you cant see in real movies or tv programs, i mean where have you ever seen something like bleach or naruto or something like fma on tv or a movie….

But yeah thats my point “i have no idea” hahah

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