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I’m planning my HO scale layout and at a local train show, I picked up a handful of rolling stock. Among them was an old Tyco UP caboose. I didn’t notice that it had couplers mounted on the body instead of the trucks. Instead of trying to retrofit normal trucks and couplers onto it, I’m thinking of using it differently. What do you think? Themed diner (End of the Line)? Burned shell in a junkyard? Mobile office at a mine/quarry? Suggestions welcomed!

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Answer by Lastdue
All those ideas are fine. I’m doing N scale and all of my freights have an end of train device, I call it a caboose. Anyway you can look around online and see what others are doing. Are running them on your trains? I’ve seen them used as police stations, billboards and yard offices. There was a yard office kit in HO that was around a few years ago, maybe it still is.
I would personally do this a little differently. A caboose with a second life is fairly typical on a layout. It’s actually IMHO a little cliche. If you run cabooses I would put it at the end of siding with some ladders or workers around it. Like you said before, maybe they could be repairing fire damage or even putting new couplers on it.
My philosophy towards layout building is that the railroad runs through the world not that the world runs around the railroad, this means a higher ratio of scenery to track and more scenery that is in no way related to the railroad. It’s easier to do in N than it is in HO due to the size constraints. This means no railroad themed businesses, hobby shops, or junkyards full of railroad stuff.
But that’s just me, I haven’t always been like that. I used to be a modular club. At train shows I have been known to take the overdone and do to the extreme. Like the time I had a whole tank battalion surrounding a blinking UFO or the six foot skyscrapers that dwarfed everyone’s mountains, or the time when I had fire engines and ambulances already in place at a spot in the track prone to derailments or …..

Caboose on the old C&WC Railroad

Port Royal Caboose


Southern Railway Caboose Springfield SC

Here’s a few out of service cabooses I’ve run across.

Just have fun, when you give it too much thought it quites being a hobby.

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What is your opinion of S Gauge model railroading?

Question by Mere Mortal: What is your opinion of S Gauge model railroading?

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Answer by curtisports2
S gauge is what I grew up playing with, our American Flyer trains from the 1950s and 1960s. I think it’s the perfect size. The Lionel O gauge took up too much room, and while HO gave you a lot more space, I didn’t like it.

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What is your opinion N.Va. enforces immigration laws illegal aliens being arrested as Ariz. rages?

Question by Maricopa County: What is your opinion N.Va. enforces immigration laws illegal aliens being arrested as Ariz. rages?
The national outcry over Arizona’s immigration law is nothing new for Prince William County residents — hundreds ofpeople on both sides of the illegal immigration debate poured into marathon public hearings in fall 2007 when the county was passing its crackdown.

Since then, the county has turned over more than 2,000 suspected illegal immigrants to the federal government, and crime last year reached a 15-year low.

Other Northern Virginia jurisdictions also have turned over hundreds of suspected illegal immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement through their own programs.

But law enforcement officials remain wary about their new roles enforcing federal law, and immigration experts and immigrant advocates warn that such steps can have negative consequences, such as racial profiling and a loss of trust with local police
Implementing Prince William’s crackdown involved drafting a legally soundpolicy and training hundreds of officers, as well as conducting a significant community outreach program with more than 300 meetings, said Deputy Police Chief Barry Barnard.

“It was a new role for us,” he said. “Traditionally, local law enforcement doesn’t enforce immigration laws.”

The county partnered with the federal government under the 287(g) program, which allows local law enforcement officials to enforce certain immigration laws.

Prince William’s original proposal was so sweeping that it asked county officials if it would be possible to keep illegal immigrants off county roads and away from the county Web site.

County supervisors scaled back the measure, voting in October 2007 to direct police officers to check the residency status of crime suspects if they had probable cause to believe they were in the country illegally.

In 2008, the policy was changed to require officers to check the status of everyone arrested. Officers then had to be retrained, Barnard said.

Loudoun also participates in 287(g), as well as the federal Secure Communities program, which Sheriff Stephen O. Simspon said he prefers because it runs fingerprints of everyone arrested through biometric immigration records held by the Department of Homeland Security and FBI criminal records

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

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Answer by Nurse1
Enter this country legally and you won’t have a problem. Simple as it gets. Stop making excuses for criminals. And for the record, I do realize that not all illegal immigrants come from Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.

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