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The Toy Model Railway Omaha – Nebraska 1:64. Part 1.

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Part 1. Nebraska is in Nuremberg. And the Omaha train station is located right in the center of the German city’s historic old town. But it’s all in a scale of 1:64. In the Toy Museum stands one of the world’s most unusual model railroads. It is built exactly like the original in the US But its creator, Wolfram Bismarck, never saw the real station in Omaha, let alone even visited the United States himself. It was a film that sparked Bismarck’s interest. “He had seen a really exciting and dramatic adventure film from 1939,” the Toy Museum’s curator, Helmut Schwarz, said. “Union Pacific” is a movie about the construction of the transcontinental railroad through the US, part of which began in Omaha, Nebraska. Bismarck wanted to document this piece of history with the model railroad display. Fulfilling his American dream took him nearly 25 years. He was supported by friends in the US who sent him photos of the original and also some model wagons and locomotives. In 1950, Bismarck rented a cellar in Nuremberg so he could work in peace. He made almost everything himself, even the tracks. He cut more than 12000 railroad ties and fastened rails, masts and other parts to them. All 300 wooden figures are hand carved and painted by hand. He even built individual locomotives from cardboard or tin and powered them with the motors used for windscreen washers in cars. He approached the collection of materials with a great deal of invention and sometimes quite unscrupulously: when he saw
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Model Train Layout at Omaha Train Time Hobby Store

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

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