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Train numbers!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Train numbers!
electric trains
Image by Elsie esq.
I would not like to have to unhook these.

How are Sun Spot numbers being calculated?

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Question by Jeff Engr: How are Sun Spot numbers being calculated?
How are they calculating the sun spot numbers? I asked this in another seciton on this forum and am getting no serious answers. I placing same question here as I value many of the opinions on this section even those I disagree with… Please only reasonable answers, this is an honest scientific curiosity for me.

For May 2 there was one sun spot #1203 and the sunspot number was 57

For May 3 there are 4 sun spots #1200, 1203, 1204, and 1205 but the sunspot number is 51

The equation they give is R=k (10g+s)

where R is the sunspot number; g is the number of sunspot groups on the solar disk; s is the total number of individual spots in all the groups; and k is a variable scaling factor (usually <1) that accounts for observing conditions and the type of telescope (binoculars, space telescopes, etc.). Scientists combine data from lots of observatories -- each with its own k factor -- to arrive at a daily value. so unless k varies VERY widely, the sunspot numbers they are giving us appear to be bunk. Please help. How large can k get? during the deep solar minimum k was almost never less than 1... The equation comes from the website which is run by Dr. Tony Phillips I think from NASA but I'm not sure on that... I am honestly looking for a reasonable explanation from someone who has at least a minimal level of scientific training. I am asking because I thought I understood how it is done, but based on # of sunspot groups and total number of spots, the only explanation I can find for the widely varying sunspot values is due to a widely varying value for the variable k. Given that, I really want to know how a value for k is determined. Saying scientists do it is good for grade school children, but not for those of us who know mathematics physics etc and have legitimate questions. for k to have true scientific value then how a value for k is determined is HIGHLY relevant and should be determined based on a set algorithm. I'd like to better understand that algorithm... Best answer:

Answer by Peter J
This answers it very clearly…

This explains the “K” factor

The K factor is more sensibly calculated than trusting a single thermometer in the arctic to tell us the average temperature of thousands of square miles of arctic.

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The MSS with Dr Lone Frank – Part 3 – abortion, cannibalisms and Numbers 5:11

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

This show was broadcast on Sunday 19 February 2012. During the show we took a break from bashing religion and concentrated on science. Our special guest was Dr Lone Frank. Dr Frank’s background is in neurobiology and research. She is currently working as an author and journalist. Her books include: Mindfield and My Beautiful Genome. Dr Frank is also a well repected and popular public speaker. She also has a busy international public sspeaking schedule. Part 1 – genetics and train sets Part 2 – nuclear power Part 3 – abortion, cannibalism and Numbers 5:11 Part 4 – back to Africa, IQ tests and psycopaths Part 5 – light bulbs, red meat, witches and warlocks
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Does anyone know where I can find info on vintage Fleischmann Ho scale trains? Maybe a list of model numbers?

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Question by irekforpresident: Does anyone know where I can find info on vintage Fleischmann Ho scale trains? Maybe a list of model numbers?
Thank you. I have looked everywhere.

Best answer:

Answer by Bonnie B

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