night train

night train
lionel trains
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funny – i originally was searching for steve winwood´s lyrics
and found gun´s n roses, yello, lionel richie, rickie lee jones, visage…
a popular song title!

Here she comes …
I’m safe here with you
On the night train
Oh mamma, mamma,
Concrete is wheeling by
Down at the end of a lullaby
On the night train

lionel richie

White Train Night at Dave’s

Train Night at Dave’s featuring white trains, June 11, 2010. Buddy the cat is watching a custom Marx white CP pulling parts of the Marx Rock Island white set. Next is the MTH modern diesel, George Bush 4141, painted in Air Force 1 colors. The Mickey Mouse car is a 1971 convention car with a little tribute to Ward Kimball. That is his signature on the roof. On the counter is a complete Marx white set with extra cars. The video finishes with some Marx plastic cars, including the white 467110 B&O and the 3280 Santa Fe.

What colors and paints can I use for my night snow scene on my model railroad?

Question by Steve71: What colors and paints can I use for my night snow scene on my model railroad?
Should I paint the platform a dark bluish-white, or is snow white OK for a night scene? There will also be a wrap-around mural 12″ high by 10 feet of painted fiberboard. I want a dark ribbon of river, a darker distant shore and a convincing sky color, like indigo or violet, also some residual sunset on one end of the mural. Think Polar Express. I am not an artist, so please be specific about paint types, colors, mixing and techniques! Should I just buy a pint of background color and add details with the more expensive paints? Thanks in advance for your thoughtful answers.
OK, maybe I could add darker shadows later, but what is the overall color of village snow on a moonlit night? Will pure white work?

Best answer:

Answer by Debonair
Blues are used for shading snow or when snow is in shadow.. Always keep in mind that shadows are made by using a darker color of the object that is in shadow or is being shaded. As an example, an orange on a green table. The shaded side of the orange is a darker orange. The shadow casted on the green table is a darker green than the area of the table that is in full light.. Never using black. Only use black when something is black in color. Do a web search of paintings of winter scenes for references to see how others have handled the same image.

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Lionel Amtrak HHP-8 set at Westport, CT First Night

This is actually the “Dennis the Train Man” event, as listed on the site. He’s the one in the conductor cap, by the way. My extended Lionel HHP-8 set makes an appearance at this year’s “First Night’ randomly swapping places with the Metro-North M-7 set on the siding. Only 5 of the six cars appearing in the “Test track” video are in attendance, as the siding I had originally planned for was a smidge too long for the available space at the Westport Library (the band playing after our exhibit had their equipment occupying part of the room). and thus wasn’t long enough for all six cars. Also present are Dennis’ Hogwart’s Express (with two extra cars), some freight trains, steam engines and subway cars. Fun was had by all, in-between necessary track inspections on my loop, brought on my the “semi-compatible” transition joiners connecting the Atlas O track to the tubular straight track (they were designed for ‘O’ tubular rather than the smaller ‘o-27’ I had on hand). New for this year is the siding and block control which allowed me to swap trains without removing any from the track. You’ll see the swap occur a couple of times in these two videos. What you won’t see are the collisions I had from failing to re-set the switch back to the mainline aster pulling a train into it. I didn’t even have the common courtesy to have the camcorder pointed at them so I could have a blooper reel 🙂

Electric/Battery New Bright train at night G-Scale

This is my second favorite train to run outside. This New Bright train was modified from electric to battery . There are 4 clips, from daytime to night-time. It looks good lit up. This train is much faster than the scientific ones. the RR- XING is turned on by a limit switch the train trips.
Video Rating: 4 / 5