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Narrow Gauge Railway-Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

For more information about the railway featured in this film please visit For more information about the producer of this film please visit

EBT 15, Baldwin, Narrow Gauge, 2-8-2, Mikado, Built 1940, Rockhill Furnace PA; Undated

Friday, October 26th, 2012

EBT 15, Baldwin, Narrow Gauge, 2-8-2, Mikado, Built 1940, Rockhill Furnace PA; Undated
model railroads
Image by San Diego Model Railroad Museum
Description: EBT 15, Baldwin, Narrow Gauge, 2-8-2, Mikado, Built 1940, Rockhill Furnace PA; Undated
Copyright: Brenda M. Bailey
Object ID: BMBSlides_06988
Repository: San Diego Model Railroad Museum Library

Narrow Gauge Trains

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Some videos of our Narrow Gauge trains in action. The first half of the video shows off our 3 Truck Shay and the Accucraft C-19. The second half has our NW2 Switcher picking up some ore cars and a 4-6-4 Hudson type bringing in some freight cars to the Train Garage. Hope you enjoy this video! Dennis
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Narrow Gauge Railway – A Day In The Life Of The Talyllyn – Part One

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

To find out more about the Talyllyn Railway please visit their website at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

CG420 Narrow Bridge

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

CG420 Narrow Bridge
ho model trains
Image by listentoreason
Visit to Northlandz in January of 2010. An astonishingly large HO model railroad layout, recommended for train enthusiasts. It occupies a building the size of a large 3-story warehouse.

+ Quirky – some of the scenes are pretty amusing
+ Detailed – lots of fine work. You can spend a long time in one place, just looking at the subtleties
+ Huge – Very extensive dioramas
+ No that does not quite do it, how about "Gargantuan?"
+ No, still not right. I think this: "You’re lying. It cant be that big." – No, it is. Jaw-dropping. That link shows only part of one of maybe a dozen rooms. Plan on 90 minutes if you jog through, three hours if you take your time and enjoy it.
+ Organ music – The builder and owner, Bruce Zaccagnino, is a skilled organist and plays for visitors (I think every day) in a little theater in the middle of the building.

Dust – Lots of it. I’m sure it’s a nightmare to clean, but it needs it. At HO scale, it’s up to the inhabitants’ ankles.
Disrepair – Plaster landscape cracking in places. Little figures fallen over. Not too often, but enough to jar you from your reverie.
Few trains! – When we visited most rooms were largely silent; I guess it made the trains more exciting when they did come through, but they did so rarely, and often only a handful of cars.
– Somewhat inflexible – you have one shot at moving through, then you need to buy another ticket if you want to revisit a scene. Not a big deal… except there’s only one bathroom inside at the halfway point. Remember, it’s HUGE. Know your kids’ tolerances if you go.

All in all if you like railroads (or have kids that do) you should probably see it at least once.

OneSteel Whyalla Tramway – Iron Ore on the Narrow Gauge: Australian Trains

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

The OneSteel (formerly BHP) 3’6″ gauge system dates back to 1901 when the line was opened to Iron Knob to transport ore from the mine there back to Whyalla. A branch line was constructed in 1930 to Iron Baron and then extended to Iron Duke in 1990. The line from Middleback Junction to Iron Knob is now out of use with the closure of the mine in 1998, but the line to Iron Duke sees multiple train movements per day. Rail operations have now been contracted out to Genesee & Wyoming Australia who run the line with a mixture of former BHP DE locomotives (rebuilt in the 90’s by Morrison Knudsen), Alco DA/900 class locos (driver only 830’s) and CK locomotives (formerly Victorian T class Clyde/GM diesels) Rail action in this video was filmed on Tuesday 5 October 2010 and begins with shunting operations near the steel works at Whyalla. Several empty trains are then followed out along the line before finally capturing a loaded train departing Middleback Junction right on sunset Shunting around Whyalla 0:00 1303 – 904 Whyalla to Middleback Junction 4:10 1303 – 904 Middleback Junction 5:35 CK3 – 1302 – CK4 Norrie Avenue, Whyalla 6:17 CK3 – 1302 – CK4 13 mile marker 7:29 CK3 – 1302 – CK4 Whyalla to Kimba Rd in the Middleback Ranges 8:44 1304 – 902 powering away from Whyalla 9:22 1304 – 902 between Whyalla and Middleback Junction 10:20 904 – 1303 depart Middleback Junction after a cross 11:19 © 2010 James Brook

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