My N-Scale Model Train Setup (Modest but fun!)

Just bought this N-Scale Bachmann model train setup. Great for setup in the dorm, as I can get it up and ready in 10-15 minutes. What you see here is the Bachmann Highballer setup, with extra EZ track straight tracks and a Bachmann Lehigh Valley boxcar. It’s pretty fun, considering it’s Penn State lol. Hopefully I can build my collection a little bigger in the next few months. COMMENT!
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Lionel Trains from the 1950’s “SnowMan’s modest Collection”

hello Lionel and Minibike people I finally decided to make a short video of a few of my Lionel trains Ive collected over the years,,Ive loved Lionel trains since I was old enough to pick one up but unfotunentaly i only had one set as a kid,,one of the great parts of growing up is you can buy what you want,,haha,,for 2 years I literally increased ebays sales percentage single handed,,when I realized you could find and buy Lionel trains on ebay I went ape SH&*^t wild and spent 2 years pay on them,,,I only had about 6 or 7 sets I had managed to find over the years dating back to finding them in the 1980’s when I really got re-interested in them,,,in a 2 year period on ebay I bid and won over 150 engines of all years and era’s and probably 300 cars of all makes and models,,,sounds like a lot but nope,,a buddy of mine in Pennsylvania named Steve has a house basement totally packed full of them so Im a green horn and beginner for sure,,its safe to say I have 25 or 30 thousand invested in post war and pre war Lionel which is chicken feed and Steve has probably a quater million invested,,wow,,,sure hope he lists me on his will,,,LOL,,well i hope you minibike folks enjoy seeing a few on them as this is a small % of my collection,,,but these are some of my favorites shown here,I love the Lionel 2343 silver and red war bonnett Diesel set in the video and man you should see a pair of them pulling the 4 big aluminum passenger cars they came with,,,I will add a video of it later,,,a
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