How to View Your Model Railroad Using Micro-Mark #83740 Wireless Micro Camera

Click here to see price: Experience the Thrill of Riding ‘Inside’ Your Model Train, Plane, Boat or Car Get in on the action with our latest battery-powered micro-camera. It’s so small (only 3/4 cubic inch), it fits inside almost anything…even an N scale train! Mount it in an R/C plane for a bird’s-eye view of the world. Take a cruise on your model boat. Feel the excitement of a car race. Built-in wireless 2.4 GHz transmitter sends a sharp color picture and clear sound to the mini receiver connected to your VCR or TV. You’ll see what your model sees, just as if you were riding inside. And we bet you’ll think of many more uses than we have! Wireless Micro-Camera System includes color camera (.900 inch square x 1 inch deep) with adjustable-focus lens, internal microphone for sound transmission, camera connector for 9v battery or wall transformer, 2.4 GHz video/audio receiver, 2 wall transformers, camera mounting plate, plus cable for connection to VCR/TV.