How do you answer this math problem?

Question by Priscilla Mariska: How do you answer this math problem?
Model trains are scaled-down replicas of real trains that come in a variety of sizes, called scales. One of the most popular-sized models is called the HO. Every dimension of the HO model measures 1/87 that of a real engine. The HO model of a modern diesel locomotive is about 8 inches long. About how many feet long is the real locomotive?

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Answer by Stephanie

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Math Question!!?

Question by cuuukoooforcocopuffs: Math Question!!?
the problem is “there is a model of a train. the real train is 50.4 feet. the length of the model is 1/48 of the actual size. what is the size of the model train?”

i was wondering: do you just divide 50.4 feet by 48?

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Answer by Whizkid
Yes you do.

It will be 1.05 feet.

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