Lionel Wabash Pacific (4-6-2) O-Gauge Steam Locomotive with FF-1 Short Madison set in True HD 1080p

In 1986, Lionel/MPC brought out the first set in what came to be know as the “Fallen Flags” series, honoring railroads whose names had disappeared through acquisitions and mergers over the years. The first set (and the only passenger set) honored the Wabash RR and had a Pacific (4-6-2) steam locomotive with six matching short madison passenger cars in the attractive Bluebird livery that the Wabash was famous for. The locomotive once again is on the cusp between conventional and electronic operation, with the “Mighty SOund of Steam” and electronic whistle but still with the 3-position mechanical E-unit. This was also the cusp of a big change for Lionel, as the next year would see ownership transition from MPC/Fundimensions to Dick Kughn and his Lionel Trains Inc. (LTI). Please visit my web site — — for lots more videos and photos of both real and model trains.