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The longest Train British

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

A fun day at Somerton Hobbies. A testing day to see how many wagons a loco could manage before it’s limit. Note: The wagons maybe american but that is becaus…

longest train in China _4 SS4Gs hauling grand coal train

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

4 SS4G locomotives hauling 20000ton coal train_The Daqin Line
Video Rating: 4 / 5

World’s Longest G Scale Train with (1) locomotive!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

This is the Longest G Scale Train on YouTube! This incredible 152 car train is being pulled by (1) single USA Trains Big Boy locomotive. On the third segment of this video, we swapped out the (1) USA Trains Big Boy for (6) Aristo-Craft Dash 9’s. (2) Dash 9’s probably could have pulled the train, but (6) locomotives looks much more impressive. Every car in this train has had the plastic wheels changed out to metal rolling bearing wheels and axles. And the funky LGB couplers were changed out to body mounted Kadee couplers. These (2) items alone almost doubled the wieght of each car. Had we kept the plastic wheels and LGB couplers on each car, it would have been alot easier to pull the 152 cars. But it would have been a lot more unrealistic too! Both the Big Boy and the Dash 9’s are being powered by online batteries and they are being remote controled using AirWire. AirWire is the greatest remote controlled software out there. It does so many things! We feel the Big Boy could have pulled more than the 152 cars you see here, but some of the couplers kept failing. The preasure of 406 pounds on the first 20 cars is tremendous! It took us (9) takes just to get these (3) video segments because of the coupler problems. If we could solve the coupler problem, I really think the Big Boy could be pulling close to 200 cars all by itself! So we will work on that for a future pull. The Palo Verde and Southwestern RR really lends itself to pulling these long trains. We have extremely long

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