ATSF 3751, Baldwin 4-8-4; ATSF Diesel Locomotives, GE C44-9W; PAssnger Train; Barstow, CA; August 1992

ATSF 3751, Baldwin 4-8-4; ATSF Diesel Locomotives, GE C44-9W; PAssnger Train; Barstow, CA; August 1992
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Image by San Diego Model Railroad Museum
Description: ATSF 3751, Baldwin 4-8-4; ATSF Diesel Locomotives, GE C44-9W; PAssnger Train; Barstow, CA; August 1992
Copyright: Brenda M. Bailey
Object ID: BMBSlides_00638
Repository: San Diego Model Railroad Museum Library

Unique high-speed trains and locomotives on the Russian railways

Sapsan (Velaro RUS) is Russian for the peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the falcon family, so it was an appropriate name for this new train, which can reach speeds of up to 250 kmph. Produced with true German precision by Siemens, the Sapsan is fully adapted to the harsh climate of Russia. The Allegro is equipped with safety features designed to work on both the Finnish and Russian railway networks. Its equipment meets the technical requirements in the EU and Russia. The train consists of 7 carriages and has a maximum operating speed of 220 kph. GT1-001 gas turbine locomotive: on 23 January 2009 this locomotive became the first to pull a freight train weighing 15000 tonnes (159 wagons), and on 7 September 2011 it set a new world record by pulling a 16000 tonne train (170 wagons). On 12 October 2009 Russian Railways was awarded a Guinness Book of Records certificate for creating the world’s most powerful long-distance gas turbine locomotive operating on liquefied natural gas. Electric locomotive type 2ES10: the first Russian freight electric locomotive of direct current with the asynchronous driving unit. The locomotive was designed by Uralskiye Locomotivy Ltd. in cooperation with the Siemens (Germany) engineering team. The locomotive performance characteristics have no analogues in Russia. On August 4, 2011, the 2ES10 locomotive in the three-unit mode took the 9000-ton train down the Sverdlosk-Pervouralsk distance of the Sverdlosvsk Railway. It will let the railways

Norwegian trains vol 2 LKAB locomotives at Narvik.mp4

A short film showing the two types of locomotive used to haul heavy iron ore trains from the Kiruna mines in Sweden down to the docks at Narvik in Norway. First we see an example of the Bombardier built 350 tonne double IORE Co’Cox2 Class locomotives, units115 and 117, built between 2002 and 2003. Secondly we see one of the older DM3 triple locomotive with its 1’D+D+D’1 wheel arrangement, which are being phased out.
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HD: The Most Amazing Train Ever! 19G With Many Rare Locomotives!

When I got a message from a fellow railfan on a Yahoo group that 19G had 8 engines all of Conrail heritage… NS D8-40CW 8420 NS D8-40CW 8315 NS GP38-2 5329 NS GP38-2 5277 “CRQ” CSX GP15-1 1554 “CRQ” NS GP38-2 5312 NS SD45-2 1705 NS SD45-2 1703 …I fell on the floor, started twitching, blacked out, and woke up to an EMS with an AED. The first scene is 19G barrelling through Myerstown in good light at HP 79.9, there is a hotbox / dragging equipment detector here. Unfortunately, when I got up to Hershey to catch him working (that video will be up soon), the sun had disappeared, but nevertheless, I got to catch it again chugging up to speed. The date is April 2, 2009, in the afternoon. RARITIES: CSX 1554 one of only 2 GP15-1’s in Conrail paint, NS 1705 and 1703, 2 of only 6 SD45-2’s on the system. Plus the fact that 8 exConrail units got lashed together!

MTH Premier PRR K4s O-Gauge Steam Locomotives Triple-Headed in True HD 1080p

I often get requests to see more of my layout and how it operates. This video, the longest and most complex that I’ve ever attempted, is the response. In the previous two videos, you’ve seen some of my Pennsy power moving around passenger cars. In this video, you get to see all three models of the K4s Pacific-type steamers (#1737 = prewar, slotted pilot, early decoration; #5400 – prewar, slotted pilot, later decoration; #1361 = postwar, solid pilot) moving between mainline tracks in order to form a triple-header that is used to haul all of my seventeen heavyweight passenger cars. The K4s was Pennsy’s premier passenger hauler and in real life, for a train of this size, you would have seen at least a double-header and quite possibly a triple-header. This True HD 1080p video is made up of 14 segments that I’ve edited together with captions as well as explanatory scrolling credits at the beginning and end (you don’t want to know how many times I actually had to shoot things before I got them kind of the way I wanted). As you can see in this 10 minute long video, the K4s that I converted from PS1 to PS2 is functionally the same as the other two models that originally came with PS2. All operations were performed using DCS remote control. Putting this one together was a lot of work and I hope that you enjoy it. Please visit my web site — — for lots more videos and photos of both real and model trains.
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Old East German Electric Locomotives 142 + 155 Holzroller DR

The class 142 electric locomotives have been withdrawn completely while most of the class 155 electric locomotive series is still hauling freight trains all over Germany. The 142 was a multi-purpose electric locomotive for both passenger and freight trains, while the 155 electric loco was designed for freight trains only. Both loco series are East-German built. Technical specifications of both electric locomotive classes and more details can be found in this railroad video. In this railway video the 142 and 155 electric locomotives are pulling passenger and freight trains at Hoyerswerda in Saxony in Southeast Germany. The video was filmed in Spring 1998. ********* Die Elloks der Baureihen 109 und 142 (Holzroller) sind mittlerweile komplett ausgemustert. Die Lokomotiven der Baureihe 155 dagegen stehen weitgehend noch im Dienst der Deutschen Bahn AG, wo sie bis heute fleißig Güterzüge quer durch Deutschland ziehen. Vor Personenzügen wie in diesem bahnvideo sieht man sie eher selten. Beide wurden ursprünglich an die Deutsche Reichsbahn der DDR ausgeliefert und wurden von der DDR-eigenen Lokomotivfabrik Hans Beimler in Hennigsdorf bei Berlin produziert. Diese Elektrolokomotiven sind nicht eben hübsch, aber sie bildeten lange das Rückgrat der mit elektrischen Lokomotiven gezogenen Personenzüge und Güterzüge der DDR-Reichsbahn. ********** Holzroller train germany ellok elektrolok spoorwegen treinen trein tren chemin de fer allemagne BR142 109 BR 155 lok lokomotive taigatrommel

how many model train locomotives i could fit on a 50×100 inch board? i am an h.o. scale modeler.?

Question by Geno S: how many model train locomotives i could fit on a 50×100 inch board? i am an h.o. scale modeler.?
i am planning to model after the burlington northern santa fe railroad and i am asking this question for some help. i am also planning to have around 24 to 26 freight cars on the layout or should i go for n scale model trains instead. please tell me and my name is eugene.

Best answer:

Answer by mariner31
A 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood is always a good START, but for HO scale you can do little more than a basic oval with a siding or two (STILL FUN).

Todays standard gondola car is 40 feet long, the box car is 50 feet long, and most passenger / container / auto carrier cars are roughly 80 feet long. So in HO scale (1:87), those would equal:

40 feet = 5.52 inches
50 feet = 6.89 inches
80 feet = 11.03 inches

So 10 coal-cars (gondolas) will be over 4 1/2 feet !! N-scale is 1:160 (or roughly half the size of HO scale… so you get almost TWICE as much railroad for the space !!

Now what to PICK (scale) depends partly on what you wish to model !! You COULD do HO scale on a 4’x8′ sheet of plywood if you are ONLY doing a small yard with no run-trough trains (20 gondola cars would go from end to end of your “layout”.

I spent the last decade working on an N-scale “Shelf” layout (runs around the walls of a room) modelling the Union Pacific Stockton Yard. I went with N-scale after doing some sketching and realizing HOW little room a 10 x 12 foot room would allow.

Just think that a STANDARD coal unit train today is 50-60 cars long… that’s 23 FEET in HO or 12.5 feet in N scale.

GOOD LUCK and feel free to ask anything else that strikes your mind Eugene.

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Is there a business that make custom model railroad cars and locomotives in 1/48 scale?

Question by : Is there a business that make custom model railroad cars and locomotives in 1/48 scale?
I want to make the german dora railway gun in 1/48 but ive only found them in 1/87, 1/72, 1/35,and some others scales except 1/48.So is there any website or business that makes custom cars.The car would be 38 inches long and 5 and 3 fourths of an inch wide and nine and a half inches tall.It would require to sets of tracks and i have those so i just need a website that makes custom made train cars and locomotives.

Best answer:

Answer by David
NorthWest Short Line (NWSL) can assist you with this. Visit, click on Contact Us, and send Dave an email.

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