2010-08-18 [Tōkaidō Freight Line] EF210-134 + TaKi, Special Freight 5681

東海道貨物線下りEF210形電気機関車(ECO-POWER桃太郎)134号機+タキ1000形タンク車+タキ44000形タンク車による石油輸送返空用専用貨物列車5681。2010年8月18日、浜川崎駅にて撮影。 Special Freight train 5681 for returning empty cars …
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2010-08-28 [Tōkaidō Freight Line] EH200-5 + Class TaKi 43000, Special Freight 5462

東海道貨物線上りEH200形電気機関車(ECO-POWERブルーサンダー)5号機+タキ43000形タンク車による石油輸送返空用専用貨物列車5462。2010年8月18日、浜川崎駅にて撮影。 Special Freight train 5462 for returning empty cars after oil …
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Trains and Farms: The Norfolk Southern Reading Line

The NS Reading Line runs through the center of eastern Pennsylvania farm communities, providing some of the best rural scenery in the state while watching trains. The former Reading mainline, which runs between Reading, PA and Allentown, PA, still contains active Reading searchlight block signals, that serve about 30 trains daily. Selected are scenes from May, August, and November 2012, that show vast farm scenery, railroad related structures, or the Reading signals along the route. 0:00 – We start out on May 18, 2012 with the first scene of a heavy loaded garbage train speeding through Mertztown past the freight depot. Power for the train is a nice eclectic mix of EMD motors: 65J – Garbage Loads – Kearny, NJ – Mingo Junction, OH NS SD70M-2 2717 NS SD70 2519 NS SD60 6674 1:37 – That evening trains 15T and 261 head through the farms at Longswamp and the 222E block signal. 15T – Mixed Freight – Allentown, PA – Birmingham, AL NS D9-40CW 9628 NS D9-40CW 9609 NS SD60 6518 (UP Paint) NS 6518 is currently stored, either waiting call for service or rebuild to an SD60E. 3:23 261 – Roadrailer – Bethlehem, PA – Chicago, IL NS SD70M-2 2662 NS D9-40CW 9132 4:48 – The next day on May 19, 2012, the weather was just as spotless, therefore warranting another visit to the Reading Line. 11J is seen from afar as it enters the small town of Bowers with a weak and whiny horn on the leader. 11J – Empty Autoracks – Doremus, NJ – Bellevue, OH or Detroit, MI NS SD60M 6796 NS D9-40CW 9906 6:16
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MARC Commuter Trains on the Brunswick Line

On November 23, 2010 we catch the morning rush of MARC trains at two hot locations, Point of Rocks, MD and Dickerson, MD. We catch 3 different type of diesels from the roster, GP39H-2, GP40WH-2, and MP36PH-3C, including station stops and track speed trains, got to love the heavy throttle when pulling (excuse me…pushing) out of the station! Point of Rocks ——————— P874 – 06:16 MARC MP36PH-3C 25 P89223 – 06:31 (Off of the Frederick Line) MARC MP36PH-3C 14 Q373 – 06:44 CSX D8-40CW 7330 CSX D8-40C 7495 P876 – 06:44 MARC GP40WH-2 56 MARC GP40WH-2 51 P878 – 07:20 MARC GP40WH-2 60 Dickerson, MD ——————— P894 – 07:52 MARC GP39H-2 70 MARC GP39H-2 72 P880 – 08:02 MARC MP36PH-3C12 Special thanks to Austin and Mark MacDougall for the trip invitation.
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Portsmouth Direct Line with Class 450 for Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012

The Portsmouth Direct Line Expansion Pack is a modern-image recreation of the line from Woking to Portsmouth Harbour via Guildford, and comes complete with the class 450 EMU. A busy commuter route, the Portsmouth Direct Line connects the south coast with London Waterloo, collecting from stations across Hampshire and Surrey on the way. The Class 450 EMU (electric multiple unit) was designed for exactly this type of operation and makes light work of the line, even during the busy morning and evening rush hours when trains are often full and the timetable is tight. With accurate recreations of the line and all its features, including the stations and line-side buildings, the Portsmouth Direct Line Expansion Pack is a must for modern-image rail fans. Available this Friday 22 April.

Trains on the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line March 2012

Gorgeous sunny weather and warm temperatures made for exciting catches in March. Witness a variety of train types, locomotives, and locations, providing you with the scenery of the Lebanon Valley and western Berks County as seen from popular and obscure railfanning locations, including farming activities occuring in the background. The angle of spring equinox sun provides some of the best lighting available throughout the year, which accentuates the prime action on this busy mainline. This is a feature you won’t want to miss! 3/13/12 On a beautiful sunny afternoon, 19G rounds the curve near MP 74 with a MBTA GP40MC in tow headed for the Juniata shops. NS SD70M-2 2710 NS Dash-9-40CW 8389 MBTA GP40MC 1118 3/14/12 Empty gon train 69R slides downhill into Myerstown near MP 81. NS ES40DC 7683 NS SD70 2568 3/15/12 926 with a trio of new SD40E’s pulling new Herzog cars heads back to Dyers Quarry / Birdsboro, PA with empties near MP 78. NS SD40E 6337 NS SD40E 6333 NS SD40E 6341 3/15/12 Heavy loaded slab steel gon train 67Z throttles hard as it climbs out of the city of Reading after re-joining the Harrisburg Line at Wyomissing Junction, now passing the FM Browns feed mill in Sinking Spring at MP 64.5. NS ES40DC 7509 NS Dash-9-40CW 9546 3/15/12 33A glides down hill into Robesonia under dynamic braking near MP 70.5 with an assortment of power, much of which are yard units being ferried from Enola Diesel shop to Allentown Yard for both yard and local power. It is nice to see some