I have a lima western express electric train set with coach wash and i am looking to sell it, have you any ideas of price ??.
I cant seem to find any pics of any where can you help.
Kind Regards John

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Answer by Wendigo
That’s something that needs to be looked over, and checked by someone at a hobby shop, that deals with model railroading. The condition of the cars, the engine(s) checked to make sure that they work properly, and their general over all condition. A hobby shop will have books on the various trains cars and makers that will give them a value based on the condition, model number, and how many were produced. No one can give you an accurate valuation of what you have without inspecting the set first hand. Also this is not something you take to a pawnshop for appraisal since few deal in model railroading, and aren’t able to properly appraise them, unless they call in an outside expert, from a hobby shop, that deals in model railroading.

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Lima L149786 TGV Thalys PBA Train Pack Review (HO 1:87 Scale)

This is a review of the Lima TGV Thalys PBA high speed train pack that was released in the early 2000’s. This is the same style of power cars that the TGV Reseau uses and these are my favourite type of TGV’s that are used in France. The train pack has two power cars which are one is powered and the other one is a non-powered dummy unit with two intermediate end trailer carriages which one is a first class and the other is a standard class carriage. There is directional lighting on the power cars and the motor car has all-wheel drive to both trucks with a central can motor. The set is not DCC-ready but a decoder could be “hard-wired” to the motor car if required but you would also need another decoder to control the lights on the dummy unit as well. The pack is very nicely detailed and it comes with extra detailling parts in a packet which you can add to the models in the pack to make it even more realistic if you wish but I recommend narrow-nosed precision tweezers to handle the fine detailled small parts as they can be fiddly to fit. The pack is modelled to the continental HO 1:87th scale gauge and there is two add-on carriage packs availible to extend this pack to a full TGV rake which this would be 10 units in total. The TGV Thalys PBA runs from Paris in France to Bruxelles in Belgium and Amsterdam in Holland (Nederland). The Thalys is the modern day TEE (Trans Europe Express) in northern Europe. I am planning to get the Lima TGV Thalys PBA as well to complement the
Video Rating: 4 / 5