Möbius track for magnetically levitating train (2009-2011)

A world-first flux pinning demonstrator with a levitating train rotating about its own axis in three dimensions. As part of the MOSEM² project a group of students at Vestfold University College, Norway, has developed and produced a unique Moebius-shaped track for a superconducting levitating train. This is an extension of the MOSEM “High-Tech Kit” which contains a straight track for demonstration of two types of levitation; with the Meissner effect and with flux pinning. The Möbius track employs the flux pinning phenomenon to keep the train “on track” while it zips around the track. The geometry of a Möbius band allows the train to keep going in circles while also turning around its own axis. This proves that levitation with flux pinning is highly stable and different from magnetic levitation by simple magnetic repulsion using electromagnets (used by commercial full-size levitating trains) or permanent magnets (used by some model trains) that can only work on a horizontal track. This model demonstrates a completely new concept that inspires a vision for the future of transportation. See the Moebius project website for more information! (Norwegian languauge) ri-pro.hive.no www.mosem.eu Music: “Pulse” from the composer Mattias Häggström Gerdt: soundcloud.com www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5