Kato SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive BNSF Review (HO Gauge) HD (400th Video)

Here is my 400th video to come to my channel. This is a review of the Kato EMD (Electro Motive Division) SD40-2 BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) Diesel Locomotive in the HO scale which is modelled to the 1:87th gauge. This is my first US Locomotive I own from Kato and it is very nicely detailed and it looks superb when the extra parts are added as well. The model will need horns when I can get hold of some as I didn’t find any inside the packet, but once I find out where I can source Kato spares for these models. I intend to fit the replacement horns to the roof. Overall Rating: 10/10
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Kato Renfe AVE Series 100 N Scale (Escala N) Train Pack Review

This is the first of my model train review videos to be released in High Definition using my new JVC GZ-HD500SEK Video Camcorder and you should be able to see the details better on the train pack without blur or distortion. The train pack in the review is the Kato Renfe AVE Series 100 in the new “Operadora” livery which looks nice on this model in particular. The livery was intoduced around 2008 and I bought this model in 2009 as there is a few videos of this train actually running on my layout in some older non-HD videos. The motor car is all wheel drive with drive to both trucks on the power car and there also directional lights on both the power car as well as the non powered car. You can use this train pack on DCC as Kato make the “slot in” DCC decoders that are availible seperately. The detailing is superb on this model and the carriages have interiors as well as there is an option for a interior lighting LED kit availible seperately. The motor is quiet and the whole train runs very well. I would certainly recommend this train that any N gauge modeller that models high speed trains. The Renfe AVE Series 100 is a Spanish version of the French TGV Reseau although these trains are more streamlined than the TGV as the front on the TGV is more rigid. AVE means “Alta Velocidad Espanol” (or High Speed Train of Spain in English!). Overall Rating: 10/10

Kato City Layout (part 2) – Japanese Model Train (N Scale)

N scale model train layout featuring Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains, commuter, freight and railcar trains. All trains and buildings are made by Kato. The layout measures 62″ x 30″ and uses eleven powered Kato switches. There are nine trains used on the layout. www.conceptmodeltrains.com.au
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kato JRF EH500 Electric Locomotive N Scale 3037-1 Review

This is a review as requested by some of my subscribers that model N gauge Japanese railways. This is a Japanese EH500 Electric Freight Locomotive made by Kato in Japan and I originally bought this model back in 2006. The model has two can motors and all-wheel drive as well as directional headlights which are quite nice when operating in “night” mode. The motors are very quiet and the model has amazing pulling power, the pantographs can be adjusted if desired but they are not working ones. I have used a fairly long test train to test the hauling power of this model. At plus P&P as I got it from Plaza Japan through eBay, it is very good value for money and it comes with a hoard of detailling parts that you can add to the model (high precision tweezers are STONGLY advised) to make the model look even more protoypical. Overall Rating: 10/10

Kato Union Pacific GE AC4400CW (AC4400) Diesel Locomotive (HO Scale) Review HD

This is my second Kato Diesel Locomotive in HO Scale and this one is the General Electric (or GE) AC4400CW (AC4400) Diesel Locomotive in the famous Union Pacific livery which is used for hauling freight across the United States. The model looks very similar and is the cousin to the GE Dash 9 (or C44-9W) but there is some differences in both cosmetic and technical form as the Dash 9 is a DC locomotive and the AC4400CW is the AC version. Anyway sticking with the model, this model has some stunning and elegant detail as all the extra components have been carefully fitted to the model professionally as well. The model runs very smoothly and I have used my standard Hornby R965 Train Controller for this test drive as well. To be honest I have nothing but praise for Kato and their models are the “Rolls Royce” of the HO Scale Railroad Models in my opinion. That may be because they are Made In Japan and my N gauge models I own from Kato are just as good. Overall Rating: 10/10
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Kato N Scale Unitrack Layout in Action

This or a similar layout can be built through my model train layout service. I build small to medium and sometimes large model train layouts. I used Kato N scale track for this layout which is similar to the Amherst layout. I added a grade and expanded some of the outside loop. I also placed it on a larger board. This is almost finished but ballasting and some other additions.