What are your favorite jazz songs?

Question by Joey B: What are your favorite jazz songs?
I’m a jazz vocalist and arranger, and I’m curious to see what everyone likes.

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Answer by Michael
Oh man, it changes every day. I’ll give you a few that I’m really into right now, and then a couple classics.

Maiden Voyage/Everything In Its Right Place- Robert Glasper
Moanin’- Mingus
Emancipation Blues- Oliver Nelson
Isfahan- Ellington
Everything Happens to Me- Danilo Perez
Cottontail- Ellington
The Scenic Route- Matt Wilson
Blue 7- Sonny Rollins

These are just a few of my favorites, I’ll be interested to see what other people answer with!

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What are some good vintage jazz tracks?

Question by Mad the coffee luvin skeller: What are some good vintage jazz tracks?
Im into Jazz right now high temp also,but not into anything new,just old vintage, so what and are the main artists to look for?

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Answer by Bailey Snowden
Oh I thought it said JIZZ tracks… I really need something to wank to…

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What is the best way of understanding jazz piano?

Question by july_exodus: What is the best way of understanding jazz piano?
I have been classically trained since the age of 4 (I’m now 28), and I think of music in terms of “do-re-mi”, within a key centre (e.g. in D major, D is “do”, E is “re”, F# is “mi” and so on).

But jazz music modulates with almost every chord, and very often there is no discernible key centre.

I therefore have problems with figuring out the chords and sometimes the melody. In fact, I don’t even know if you can call some jazz music as having a “melody” at all.

Is there a good way to understand jazz music and play it by ear?

Right now, I am able to play both the melody and chords by ear for conventional pop songs (e.g. I can tell if it’s a Chord III moving to a Chord VI, then going to a Chord II and so on). However, jazz music continues to elude me, and I can’t figure out what the jazz pianists are doing.

P.S. I have read about modes (e.g. Ionian, Dorian, etc) and scales (e.g. blues, pentatonic, etc) but have no clue as to how they may be used to understand what’s going on!


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Answer by Skurliss
This may not help, I am no jazz expert, I just listen to it. I think of jazz compositions as loose frameworks all the participants agree to play within. I can’t imagine being able to pick it out by ear. If you can I would say you are most peculiar. I would have to have the sheet music.

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