Is January a Great time to visit the United States?

Question by Terry: Is January a Great time to visit the United States?
Want to visit places like
Mount Rushmore
Niagara Falls
Grand Canyon
Biltmore Estate
Explore LA

Have been to NYC and DC before and don’t want to visit them again. Is January a good month to visit the places mentioned above? Are some of the places closed for the winter?

Suggestions on touristic places to visit in the US during the winter are also appreciated.

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Answer by jasmine
Well it might be a little cold but yes why not come and explore

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Trains At Liverpool South Parkway, MerseyRail Platforms (15th January 2011)

Trains at Liverpool South Parkway was filmed in two sections, first part was Platform 5 and 6 which were the 3rd Rail MerseyRail from Hunt Cross to Southport, MerseyRail Northern Line MerseyRail Class 507 and 508 EMU dominate this line with Southport to Hunt Cross services, filmed on the 15th January 2011 on a Windy day The second Part of filming was Platform 1 To 4 which was even more windier with Trains to London, Scarborough, Manchester, Birmingham and Norwich
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Tehachapi Layout January Modern Operating Session HD

Watch in High Definition! On January 7 and 8, 2012, the La Mesa Model Railroad Club had a 2 Day modern operating session at their Tehachapi Layout in the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. The modern operating sessions are when the club tries to most accurately repplicate a real railroad in a day’s operations. The Modern operating sessions take advantage of the amazing technology that the club owns; the real CTC dispatching machine that was used on the actual Bakersfield to Mojave line and the associated signals and switches. All are wired together to behave like the real thing. The machine detects trains in the blocks, and the machine controls the signals and switches. This setup is supplemented by the trains’ advanced DCC system and having detection installed in every car. In mainline areas of the layout that don’t have CTC, real track warrants are filled out and followed. All other areas are considered yard or restricted limits. All trains and engineers follow real world railroad rules. The trains stay in contact with the yardmasters and dispatcher through radios. The dispatcher and yardmasters communicate using the line’s original telephone and intercom system. Participants will be assigned to any number of jobs including yardmaster, switch engineer, local engineer, road engineer, hostler, dispatcher, chief dispatcher, and road foreman. This video includes footage from both days of the session and has videos from around the layout. Included are Switiching operations in
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Who Has Railroad Model Craftsman January 1969 – Plans, SP Triple Artic. Diner, #10262 – 10267.?

Question by Douglas M: Who Has Railroad Model Craftsman January 1969 – Plans, SP Triple Artic. Diner, #10262 – 10267.?

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Answer by oklatom
Have a look here

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Dawson Station Update, January 2010

Updated video of my 1 ft x 4 ft N-scale model layout based on the steam powered Hull-Oakes sawmill on the Bailey Branch in Dawson, Oregon. The mill is a real-life “Inglenook” style switching puzzle since the empty cars have to be moved into position, and the full one moved out, all on a six mile dead-end spur. Check my other videos to see this action real life. More information and pictures at: I’m hoping the UMG clowns don’t own the copywrite to Stan Kistler’s 1959 “Whistles in the Woods”. I’m getting tired of getting my soundtracks gagged by Youtube!