Why have we fallen into the train of thought that there is nothing we can do about the high gas prices?

Question by Jon B: Why have we fallen into the train of thought that there is nothing we can do about the high gas prices?
The news stations just report that gas prices are increasing with no solution to the problem (perhaps they are not allowed to rile the people up). The politicians apparently don’t have to pay for gas hence, it doesn’t affect them. We just keep pumping, keep complaining, and no one gets together to dispute it. What stops Americans from putting their voices together and making a difference? Organizations like UCAN only report where you can pay less for gas, what about fighting for prices to come down? I’m ready are you? Let’s post some viable solutions to the right now problem, not electric cars of tomorrow or alternative fuel solutions (or bikes….) Right Now solutions.

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Answer by Rob
Politician do not have the genitalia to address
the fuel issues.

oil companies and refineries do NOT dictate fuel prices

demand and speculators create price fluctuations.

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Mariazellerbahn – Into the Mountains, July 10 & August 1 2010

Footage from two visits to the mountainous part of the Mariazell narrow gauge railway St. Pölten – Mariazell on the section from Laubenbachmühle. Including a special pulled by Mh.6 (ÖBB 399.06) steamer and regular trains hauled by the not much younger class 1099 electrics built in the 1910s, the oldest AC electric locos still in regular use on their home line.
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Into The Evening Sun

Into The Evening Sun
electric trains
Image by bbusschots
Electric Multiple Unit 661 (NMBS/SNCB Class AM66) crossing the Nete in Duffel as it makes it’s way from Antwerp to Brussels on a commuter run. These EMUs were built 1966 and remain in service today. This shot was taken back in 2000 when these units still sported their original wine and yellow livery. They have since been re-painted in the new white NMBS/SNCB livery.

Looking into Lionel train sets…?

Question by Lubers25: Looking into Lionel train sets…?
Growing up, my family had an old, old set of Lionel Trains and one of my favorite things Christmas morning was waking up to find out that Santa had setup the trains along with the tree and presents. I am looking to do the same thing for my son but I am starting from scratch as my parents still have and use the set I grew up with. I know very little outside of assembly. My search results have come up with plenty of options which leaves me with a few questions.

1) Is Lionel still a quality product?
2) Would any of the other options out there be a better choice?
3) Do I want to go with O guage, O-27, Fast-Track or something else?

I am looking for a set that will last as well as something I can build on if my son continues his interest in trains. I would appreciate any input anyone has on the subject.

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Answer by Kimmy (QOP)
Ok Lubers , One of my best friends is a train buff. She says Lionel is still quality. Though nothing really compares to the older models . They are still the king when it comes to trains .The O gauge is the true standard according to her . They are all buildable . If you have the room to do it and the know how . Good luck with that . I can always ak her more if you have any other questions

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Driving my train into the tunnel?

Question by dr strangelove: Driving my train into the tunnel?
I have a really nice collection of German model HO trains. They are all “Epoch I ” models, meaning they are models of railroads before about 1920. I like to drive them over the bridges, and around the curves, but I really love to drive my steam engine and a load of freight cars through the tunnels, as living in Germany there are lots of Mountains and tunnels here. Anyone else have trains, and what scale do you have?

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Answer by paul67337
i didn’t have a train set, but i had a rocket. my biggest rocket was about 36″ long, and the tip of my rocket was about 8″. in other words, my rockets 8″ tip was bigger than the overall length of most every other rocket. it was real popular.

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Trying to start into HO or O scale trains. Looking for a place to learn how to make a layout.?

Question by zag1999: Trying to start into HO or O scale trains. Looking for a place to learn how to make a layout.?

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Answer by kyle.keyes
Go to Google or Dog Pile.
Punch in Model Train Layouts.

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