How can I get my dog to calm down indoors..? Please, any help?

Question by Vixen*: How can I get my dog to calm down indoors..? Please, any help?
My puppy is a 5 month old Alaskan Malamute. He is such a wonderful dog when he is outdoors! He loves to be outside, he doesn’t stay out there, he is allowed to come in whenever he wants, but he loves the cool fall weather and prefers to be outside. But I don’t allow him outside when it gets dark out, I don’t feel comfortable. Anyway, he is so hyper and disobedient inside. He gets plenty of exercise, I talk him for 30-40 minute walks in the morning and play in the yard for a while, he runs around outside during the afternoon and he gets walked again for 60-80 minuets before we bring him in for the night.

Now, the problem. When inside with us, he howls at us for no apparent reason, and he also digs and at tries to chew our couch pillows. He also does to us; he digs at our sides with his paws and howls. I’m not sure why he does this or want he wants. I am not sure how to go about “training” him to calm down inside. I have dealt with Malamutes before, and never had this problem. He is fabulous outside and on walks, but not inside with us.

I’ve tried the ignoring him and turning away until he behaves and then rewarding him, but he doesn’t ever calm, even for a second! He jumps on me when I turn away, and like I said earlier he digs at me. I have also actually tried a water squirter, but he loves the water and howls more because he wants me to spray him!

Please, if anyone can help I’m not sure what to do. He gets all sorts of toys, but isn’t really interested for long, and gets all the exercise he needs.

Thanks in advance and for reading this!

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Answer by Jayme
A malamute is one of the most dedicated working breeds… These dogs live to run and sleep in the snow! He is not being met with enough of a challenge for his “job”. (life) This dog needs hours of (strenuous) exercise (always keeping in mind that you build him up slowly). Howling is a way to keep in touch with the pack, and neutering wouldn’t be a bad idea as it may calm his more wild desires to roam.

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