Hornby Triang ‘How To Modify & Beef-Up The Hornby R965 Controller’.

Hornby Triang. [*Please note* The replacement transistor is a BD911…not a BD11 as mis-stated in the video.] Featuring: The modification of the Triang/Hornby R965 controller, enabling them to control very easily 5 or 6 locomotives on one track; with superb DC slow crawl & overall great regulation/performance! All you need to add is a 12 volt car battery charger! Thanks for dropping by….cheers, John.
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Hornby class 60 (DCC on Board-Sound)

For high quality click on this link: www.youtube.com This is the latest addition to the fleet. What you see here is Hornby’s all new class 60. This one comes as DCC ON BOARD / DCC FITTED. Any way what you’ll see & hear is it’s sounds. I’ve still to fit the detail extra parts that come supplied as standard with this model. What you’ll hear is things like start up, brake release, ventilation, compressors, etc. If you have any questions please ask me, I’ll do my best to answer them. More to follow
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Opening the Hornby class 9F Evening Star

THIS VIDEO IS ANNOTATED. Please watch this video on a proper computer at least once. The annotations point out that fact that the middle wheel is indeed flat in real life, safetey valves are present on the top and the strength of the loco is impressive. Pretty much as the title suggests – but I can also add… that this locomotive is seriously the most impressive locomotive I have when it comes to value for money.
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Hornby 75th Anniversary Edition “Silver Link” Class A4

Its finally here! Just received this one on Tuesday. A limited edition model of only 1100 – I was quite lucky to get one. There are other Silver painted ones available from train packs (Silver Fox, Silver King, and Quicksilver) but Silver Link was perhaps the most special – it was the very first A4. A beautiful model.
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