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NTS&B Polar Express, Hogwarts, and other engines making up 15 Feet long trains on Heli

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

When building a layout, we sometimes forget to just stop and run trains on it. I finally decided to take the time to see what would run on the helix. I decided to stop at 12 passenger cars and a tender (or extra box car on diesels), because I didn’t want to pick them off the floor, or start loosing traction tires. In all the trains was over 15 feet long. The biggest surprises were the Lionel engines Polar Express, Hogwarts, and RI 5100, because these are all single motors. The MTHs RK PRR GG1, CSX Dash 8, PRR F3, and Williams Amtrak FP45 seemed to have plenty of power to spare for some more cars.

Pt 1, Build an Electric Heli Training/Test Stand.

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Heli Test/training stand. by Dave Herbert. Parts Required: 1, 24″x 24″ plywood to make base circle. 1, 24 ” long by 2×2″ wide foam insulator strip (cut to 2x2x2″ squares 1, ¼ x 21″ round Ramin Wood sliding rod. 1, ¾” x 24″ threaded galvanized pipe (Needs to be heavy), so the reason. 1, ¾” floor flange with 4, 1 ½”x 3/16″ long nuts and bolts to attach it to Ply base. 1, 3/8″ x 2 ½” Stove bolt (round head, no slots), 2 large 3/8″ washers and 2 3/8″ Nuts 2, 3 ½” long x ¾” wide, light weight compression springs 1, ½” Long x 1/8″ wood screw 1, 5/16 small holed (1/4″) washer for spring contact point on the bottom of the rod. 1, 3″x 8″ x 3/16″ ply or other strong material for helicopter base mounting plate. 2, ¾” Hose clamps for Ramin wood rod. 1, 1″ Hose clamp for galvanized pipe 1, ¼” x 2 ½ ” long Flat Headed shoulder bolt for holding mounting plate to Ramin rod 1, 12″ long mini bungee cord 8, # 60 rubber bands, 4 each side to mount heli landing gear to plate. 1, 12″ long nylon “chalk” string to make safety harness. Loop over heli frame and mounting plate. Take your time and follow these instructions carefully. 1. Measure for exact center of the 24″x24″ Plywood base and cut out as large a circle as there is wood. Sand and paint or stain as desired. 2. Drill out the center hole to 3/8″ and bolt in the 3/8″ x 2 ½” stove bolt, (round head down towards floor). Use wide washers and nuts on both sides to adjust the length on the bottom to be 1 ½” out from wood, if using 2 x 2 x 2
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