Trains on the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line March 2012

Gorgeous sunny weather and warm temperatures made for exciting catches in March. Witness a variety of train types, locomotives, and locations, providing you with the scenery of the Lebanon Valley and western Berks County as seen from popular and obscure railfanning locations, including farming activities occuring in the background. The angle of spring equinox sun provides some of the best lighting available throughout the year, which accentuates the prime action on this busy mainline. This is a feature you won’t want to miss! 3/13/12 On a beautiful sunny afternoon, 19G rounds the curve near MP 74 with a MBTA GP40MC in tow headed for the Juniata shops. NS SD70M-2 2710 NS Dash-9-40CW 8389 MBTA GP40MC 1118 3/14/12 Empty gon train 69R slides downhill into Myerstown near MP 81. NS ES40DC 7683 NS SD70 2568 3/15/12 926 with a trio of new SD40E’s pulling new Herzog cars heads back to Dyers Quarry / Birdsboro, PA with empties near MP 78. NS SD40E 6337 NS SD40E 6333 NS SD40E 6341 3/15/12 Heavy loaded slab steel gon train 67Z throttles hard as it climbs out of the city of Reading after re-joining the Harrisburg Line at Wyomissing Junction, now passing the FM Browns feed mill in Sinking Spring at MP 64.5. NS ES40DC 7509 NS Dash-9-40CW 9546 3/15/12 33A glides down hill into Robesonia under dynamic braking near MP 70.5 with an assortment of power, much of which are yard units being ferried from Enola Diesel shop to Allentown Yard for both yard and local power. It is nice to see some

HiDef: 12 80-90 MPH Trains on the Amtrak Harrisburg Line

10 Amtrak Keystone Service trains and the 2 daily Pennsylvanians grind their way east and west at 80-90 MPH through the beautiful Amish countryside of Lancaster County on April 1, 2010. Three locations are covered in this outting, Irishtown Rd. Grade Crossing, Bird-in-Hand, and Paradise. This was supposed to be an outting until sunset, but my camera battery died before the last 3 trains, so sorry I do not have videos of those. :-/ 609 – 11:04 (5-10 minutes late) AEM-7 936 (Push) 648 – 11:42 (on time) AEM-7 935 (Push) 643 – 12:03 (on time) AEM-7 929 (Push) 650 – 12:46 (on time) AEM-7 917 (Push) We then change locations to Paradise in hope that the Pennsylvanians would meet in this area like they normally do, however, both trains had slight delays and met somewhere just west of Bird-in-Hand. 43 – 13:51 (10-15 minutes late) Amtrak P42DC 72 42 – 13:58 (5-10 minutes late) Amtrak P42DC 97 645 – 14:41 (on time) AEM-7 941 (Pull) 652 – 16:03 (on time) AEM-7 936 (Pull) Nice doppler on 647 guy though it was ashame for the motor bike. 647 – 16:53 (on time) AEM-7 928 (Push) I tried to pan but it turned out eh, the zooming got messed up. Oh well, it was a nice fly-by. 654 – 17:08 AEM-7 929 (Pull) A hot air balloon! 649 – 17:53 (on time) AEM-7 625 (Push) Two horse and buggies meet right after the train passes, showing a true clash of technology, the simple lifestyle of the Amish, the PRR position lights from the 1920’s, and the modern high speed rail trains. 656 – 18:19 (on time) AEM-7
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HD: Trains and Nature’s Beauty on the NS Harrisburg Line

Sunny skies, dramatic sunsets and moon lighting really add to the beauty of watching trains in the country-side: beautiful weather kicks off the new year with a lot of exciting train action on the NS Harrisburg Line, with two clips from the NS Buffalo Line, of 12 trains, including Conrail, rail trains, newly purchased SD60’s, Canadian Pacific haulage rights train 159 and the East Penn Railways Lancaster and northern on trackage rights over NS. On 12/22/11, the sun starts to set as CP 159 heads north on the NS Buffalo Line on a rare daylight run about an hour from home rails, with a leased pair of locomotives, “blue-bird” CEFX SD40-2 3186 and CEFX SD40-2 2786, which retains the shell of the SD45 in its past life. 14G passes by a happy group of cattle on a beautiful Christmas Eve 2011. Trailing behind the leader, NS ES40DC 7609, is a recently purchased SD60 renumbered from Helm to NS 6542, which still retains Union Pacific Yellow. On a very blustery 12/26/11, 34A heads west with a nice forward-facing mostly EMD consist. NS SD60 6715, NS D9-40CW 9763, NS SD60I 6747, NS GP38-2 5614, and NS SD40-2 3341. There is also an entire empty Steelton (SPSX) rail train on the rear! The second sun of the New Year 2012 starts to set as 33A heads east through the country-side with a solid EMD lashup, NS SD70M 2617, NS SD70 2572, NS SD60 6715(?) and NS GP38-2 5614(?). The PRL, East Penn’s Lancaster and Northern Train, with U23B 2204 runs long-hood-forward out of NS Reading Yard on the High

HiDef: NS Harrisburg Line Trains in Early May 2009

For the lack of a better title, let’s just say the weather this May was wet, windy, and dark. But that didn’t stop some sweet trains from rolling on by, as you can tell, trains with 6 to 9 engines, exConrails, veteran power… etc. Rain or shine, the Harrisburg Line is captured in any weather condition. 5-1-09 H33 roars past the purina feed mill… NS GP40-2 3038 “Conrail” NS GP38-2 5070 5-1-09 Rain starts to fall as more RS-3L sounds fill the hear, though no longer blue, 33A sports a nice leader. NS D8-40CW 8388 NS D9-40CW 9859 5-1-09 64J in the pouring rain. NS D9-40CW 9649 NS SD40-2 3381 5-1-09 16T with a motherload of nine locomotives, including all of the types of SD40-2’s on the active roster! WOW! NS D9-40CW 9879 NS D9-40CW 9712 NS ES40DC 7694 NS SD70M-2 2701 NS SD40-2 6107 NS SD40-2 1651 NS SD40-2 3361 “Conrail Quality” NS D9-40CW 9720 NS SD60I 6749 “Conrail Quality” 5-2-09 14G with a pair of black eights and none other than JB Kerr at the helm. NS D8-40CW 8372 NS D8-40CW 8322 5-2-09 Yet another grand 34A (note the backwards NS doors on the 9250): NS D9-40CW 9250 “Operation Lifesaver” NS ES40DC 7712 NS SD40-2 6107 NS SD70M-2 2701 NS ES40DC 7694 NS GP38-2 5617 5-2-09 21M flies by with, wait a minute? A P3 horn on an SD70M-2? NS SD70M-2 2749 NS SD70M-2 2773 NS D9-40CW 9552 Sadly, that was the only sunny shot. 5-2-09 18N sports some blue… NS D9-40CW 9354 NS D8-40CW 8360 “Conrail Quality” 5-2-09 33A… awesome power, to say the least. NS D8-40CW 8437 “Conrail
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HiDef: Spring Brings the Circus Train, Rare and Nice Lashups to the NS Harrisburg Line

Warbonnets, Conrails, Ringling Brothers, foreign power, all admist the usual Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern trains of the NS Harrisburg Line. You’ll see a lot in this spring sampler, and just a note, this video like many others I have uploaded, will all eventually be available on DVD. This is why I don’t show full clips of trains, not to mention I am pressed for file-size time, but I like to keep you all entertained so I hope you enjoy what I do put up. (For more details: read more below the power list). 3-20-10 The first day of spring and 19G shows off its many units in the afternoon sun. NS SD70M-2 2690 NS SD60 6584 NS D9-40CW 9335 NS D9-40CW 9390 NS D8-40CW 8382 UP SD70M 4404 3-21-10 Eastbound loaded automotive racks 18N in some nice sun, but the trees are still bare. NS SD70 2561 NS D9-40CW 9904 3-22-10 Ethanol loads 68Q in some spring rain with a relatively rare CSX locomotive trailing. NS D9-40CW 9660 UP AC4400CW 6620 CSX SD60 8712 3-22-10 A lashup of all ex-Conrails on 19G, misfortune would have it that the leader is black, when in fact it is rarer to see a black SD50 than a blue one, but still a nice trio of power for 2010. NS SD50 5429 NS SD60I 6758 Conrail Quality NS GP38-2 5281 Conrail Quality 3-27-10 A pair of standard cabs on 14G; this is an increasingly rarer site in the new decade. NS SD70 2563 NS SD60 6628 3-27-10 That afternoon, 19G meets 33A, both of which have nice power. All units are running on 19G and units 1, 2, and 4 are running on 33A
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HiDef: Trains and Trouble on the NS Harrisburg Line

Plenty of fast pace movements, as usual, but also, it isn’t uncommon for trains to have problems (ie broken air hoses, detector problems, engine trouble)… as the case with one of the trains in this video: battery failure. 4-26 64J roars east bound on a nice, but a windy, Spring day. NS SD40-2 3389 NS SD40-2 3423 4-28 19G sports an ex-Erie Lackwanna SD45-2 in slot three. NS D9-40CW 9827 NS SD70M 2610 NS SD45-2 1703 4-28 H31 NS GP38-2 5070 NS GP40-2 3038 “Conrail” 4-29 64J has a nice ex-Conrail GP38-2! NS D9-40CW 9473 NS GP38-2 5358 “Conrail Quality” 4-29 501 stalled on Wyomissint Inerlocking. NS D9-40CW 9921 (Dead) NS D9-40CW 9406 (Not Charging) NS SD50 5416 “Conrail Quality” (Only fully functional unit) The lead two units started having trouble, 501 powered up the 5416 and tried to shove the train back, no luck. Then from the second unit, he shoved it back to clear Wyomissing so trains could continue through the junction. 501 had to spin the power so the 5416 would lead… I couldn’t stay to the time he got back, I know they didn’t leave until night-fall. I was glad to see the SD50 operating, especially in notch 8. It’s good so see rare motive power take over when the boring ones take a dump. 4-29… trains that pass by the stalled 501, including a Reading and Northern QIT coal train: 20G NS D9-40CW 9623 NS SD60 6605 684 NS SD70M-2 2685 NS D9-40CW 9028 921 NS D9-40CW 9885 NS D9-40CW 9767 NS D9-40CW 9208