Model of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Question by sovereignsearcher: Model of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
For a school project, I have to build a model of the hanging gardens of babylon. What would be the best materials to use besides styrofoam and where could I get artificial plants to adorn the building (location is in Hawaii; nothing over the internet, please)? When were the gardens built and how important were ceremnies held at that time?

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Answer by John S
Ok as a model builder your best bet is to use Baby’s breath for a lot of your flowers and hedges and such you can change it’s color with dyes and you can also get other flowers and foliage from the Model railroad section and Miniature house section of a good hobby shop. Built around 600 BC for his wife so I believe they would be private gardens and used for whatever functions his wife decided.

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