Is January a Great time to visit the United States?

Question by Terry: Is January a Great time to visit the United States?
Want to visit places like
Mount Rushmore
Niagara Falls
Grand Canyon
Biltmore Estate
Explore LA

Have been to NYC and DC before and don’t want to visit them again. Is January a good month to visit the places mentioned above? Are some of the places closed for the winter?

Suggestions on touristic places to visit in the US during the winter are also appreciated.

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Answer by jasmine
Well it might be a little cold but yes why not come and explore

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How big of a dilemma are jellyfish in the Great Barrier Reef?

Question by Kyle S: How big of a dilemma are jellyfish in the Great Barrier Reef?
Hi, I planning on getting my Sea-Card soon or train to become a diver, and I was thinking about diving in the Great Barrier not for the first dive though. If I recall call jellyfish can be deadly? Is that the largest threat?

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Answer by MR_SOUFF
according to a national geographic special about the jelly fish, and other poison species from Australia, the jelly fish are very poisonous, they can cause swelling unconsciousness and even death.

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Great sounding GE’s exit Sand Patch tunnel in 1990…

With the helpers on the lead, west bound 135 exits Sand Patch tunnel. The helpers get taken off just past Sand Patch towel and head back to Hyndman, where the helpers where stationed at this time. Then the three 4 axle GE’s will take the train west to Chicago. One EMD spoils the sound of the GE’s. The second clip is at Keystone S bend, and its the 137, which was following the 135. Thanks for watching. Jackmp294
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The Great Western at Worthing

The Great Western at Worthing
electric trains
Image by Elsie esq.
A class 158 arrives at Worthing station having run from Bristol (en route to Brighton. Although in the colours of Alpha line the service is now run by First Great Western.

Do you not think that the First Group should put "first after the train operators name . i e "Great Western First"! Just an idea.

A great train spotting day! Güterzüge in Bonn-Oberkassel

A great train spotting day! Yesterday I really had a winning streak … – Miscellaneous German Passenger & Freight Trains at the Rhine in June 2009 with diesel and electric locomotives Güterzüge rechte & linke Rheinstrecke: Bonn-Oberkassel, Bad Honnef, Rheinbreitbach, Linz usw. Unter…
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Any suggestions for a great place to tak outdoor family photos in Maricopa, AZ?

Question by ayzli’s_mom: Any suggestions for a great place to tak outdoor family photos in Maricopa, AZ?
I have the photographer and now I am just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a great place to take family photos in Maricopa city, AZ. I want palm trees and water if possible. Some great architecture or fun background ideas also welcome! Help! I’m stressing to get my family photos done for Christmas cards!

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Answer by Norma
to Adobe Dam Regional Park. Sitting at the base of the Hedgepeth Hills in north Phoenix, this 1,526-acre park offers recreationists the opportunity to participate in activities that require ample space. The land is used by many clubs, including:
Arizona Model Pilots Society R/C Airport, Airfield
Saguaro Central
Maricopa Live Steamers
Arizona Model Railroading Society
Phoenix Kart Racing Association Race Track
Arizona Karting Association Kart Racing Track
Fort Adobe Paintball Complex
Adobe Dam is also home to:

500 Club Championship Golf Course
Victory Lane Sports Complex Ball Fields
Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix – for general information, contact (623) 201-2000.


GREEN ICON: It is safe to burn a campfire in the park, unless the park has implemented a fire ban.
RED ICON: Under no circumstances are fires allowed.

Park Hours
The park is open from
6 a.m. to 10 p.m. No entry after 10 p.m.
Please visit their individual sites for current hours.

Adobe Dam Regional Park
23280 N. 43rd Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85310
Ph: 602-506-2930

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Vintage Lionel 027 Model Train Set Makes for Great Historical Collectible

In this video, we highlight a 1960s Lionel model railroad set that will be going up for auction on the GoMotorBids website soon, plus a bunch of new HO scale items from Bachmann that are available.
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Great Laxey Mine Railway

A visit to the Great Laxey Mine Railway on the Isle of Man on a rather rainy 21st of June 2008. The line is a restoration of a section of the old mine tramway, & boasts replicas of the two original locomotives, 0-4-0T’s ‘Ant’ (seen here) & ‘Bee’. The line is built to the unusual 19″ gauge, & passes beneath the Manxe Electric Railway & main road at Laxey, in the longest railway tunnel on the island.