How can I make artificial grass and shrubs for my diorama?

Question by OHJAY.: How can I make artificial grass and shrubs for my diorama?
I only need to make enough to cover the bottom of a shoe box. I would like something like this : but anything would help.

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Answer by E D
I think your best bet would be to go with colored sand. What you would want to do is buy various colors of sand and layer it accordingly. For example, if you wanted to do dark green grass with a brown path going through, first you would place the glue only where you want the grass, spread the sand over the glue until it is completely covered and shake to remove excess sand. Then allow that to dry before doing the same with the brown sand where you want the path. This will ensure the sand will stay where you want it.

You can buy colored sand at most craft stores.

I’m not too sure about the shrubs. Those look like dyed cotton ball puffs with toothpick type branches (although that diarama is probably professionally done). You could try something like that.

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