09.28.10 How to do Graffiti on a HOT Custom Monsterpiece by MONSTERRAILROAD

Well this is how your Boy Al does graffiti, I do it all free hand. I did a video more than 8 months ago which showed this same process but I know that I have to redo techniques for the newer viewers who fail to go back into the video library.

AZEK one – graffiti model trains nyc subway art toy – azek store promo 03.2009

AZEK one – LEC / LECREW – DSK – LA – LCF – CZ “model trains custom subway store promo” 2009 www.azekone.com all city style subways productions music: nas – jedi mind tricks video: by azek www.azekone.com azekone.blogspot.com (just one still available)
Video Rating: 4 / 5