HO Scale Model Train – Couple Questions regarding turns, grades?

Question by Infamous: HO Scale Model Train – Couple Questions regarding turns, grades?
Hello, I’m returning to model train crafting again, and I finally got a 13 foot x 9 foot in-door patio to work with, and I plan to turn at least half of the patio into a world.

Based on the size of the patio, I’m planning to turn the “large” sections of the patio into no more than 3-4 feet of plywood, leaving room in the center to stand and be able to reach across (since my arm length is about 2 feet). Some sections will have multiple heights (bridges, cliffs, etc).

Based on that description, here are a few of my questions;

1) How much feet (or maximum grade) will be needed to elevate the train for every 6 inches? (In other words, how long does the grade need to be to accomplish going up for 6 inches?

2) How much space is needed to accomplish a 180 degree turn?
3) What about a 90 degree turn?

4) Is there any wiki or online resource for getting these measurements or percentages?

Thanks in advanced! 🙂 This is a fun hobby.

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Answer by Diane B.
Check out some of the model railroading sites and forums, or there are probably books on model railroading at the library.

Here are some possibilities online:

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