Good Flyball Practice?

Question by ♥Love Herds♥: Good Flyball Practice?
Hey hey, kids. My dog’s first Flyball lesson is this Sunday. I’ve figured out he’s right pawed for box turns, we’re completely set on “dead ball fetches”. We also have a “special” toy for return reward… Here’s what else I did, and I’m hoping it is not detrimental. I set up three jumps in my back yard (it’s all I could fit). They aren’t correctly spaced for an actual Flyball course, so I hope that won’t confuse him………. Also, since I don’t have a box, I just upturned a recycling bin, and set the ball on top. I was able to send him away over the jumps, get the ball, and call him back… I think mostly we were having fun with the game, but I’m worried when he goes to actually LEARN, this “training” will be a mistake? Do you guys think he’ll be confused? Or was this a good “foundation”. I figure having an “over” command can’t hurt. What say you?

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Answer by fishmom
Sounds like a great start! Now you want to get him so he’ll play tug with you in all kinds of different environments, around other dogs, around distractions, etc

So, take him other places and play with him, starting with low distractions and working up to higher distractions. Keep a special tug toy that’s only for playing with you, so he’ll be really excited to see you get it out.

He isn’t going to be confused at all! You’ve done a great job getting him started! Enjoy!

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