What was your experience when you first picked up a guitar and starting playing?

Question by Kaggy: What was your experience when you first picked up a guitar and starting playing?
I’m thinking about getting an electric guitar just so I can have a fun hobby to do. (and to annoy my mom at 4am) I just wanna know what the first few weeks are like when you first start playing. Because the closest thing to me having a guitar in my hands is Guitar Hero. I have no experience what so ever. I’ve heard that your fingers sometimes gets blisters and stuff o.O

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Answer by Ron Brgundy
give it your 100 percent and the fingers / blisters be damned

if you want to be an international sensation

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Bluebell Railway – First Public Trip on Ardingly Branch since 1963

Yes, see what’s “Round the Bend” in Horsted Keynes! This was the first trip of the day hence the first public trip on part of the Ardingly branch from Horsted Keynes since closure of the electric service from Haywards Heath in 1963. A brake car trip pulled by Fenchurch which takes an express non-stop trip South through Horsted Keynes Station and on to the start of the Ardingly branch on 15th August 2009. Here we see some of the stock awaiting restoration stored on the parallel line before stopping (fortunately !) at the beginning of the gap where the missing Sheriff Mill viaduct was blown up by the army. You can also see two service trains and the diesel loco hidden away behind the scenes. As you can see the track was rusty and unused. Trip in aid of the Northern Extension Fund which hopes to reconnect with East Grinstead main line. Tickets cost just £3 and represented excellent value. After getting to East Grinstead and a bit of a rest, we hope the Bluebell will push Westwards to Ardingly and eventually back to Haywards Heath! This would give a spare route to the coast in event of an incident on the main London line and could be a “nice little earner” for the Bluebell. The large mound between the Sheffield Park and Ardingly lines is the site of the new “picnic area” created with some of the spoil from the Northern tip. It will be a great place for photographers – as long as the inevitable fencing isn’t too intrusive! Sorry about the video quality, I only had my still

Acela Express First Class Car

Acela Express First Class Car
electric trains
Image by cliff1066™
The Acela Express has the most on-board crew members on the NEC. The Acela crew consists of a conductor, assistant conductor, cafe attendant, two first class attendants and an engineer. Regional trains only have a head conductor, one or two assistants, a cafe attendant and an engineer. The Acela changes conductors at New York.


SARTRE Self-Driving Road Train Conducts First Test

Europe’s SARTRE (SAfe Road TRains for the Environment) project is well underway, having carried out its first successful demonstration of its self-driving technology at Volvo’s proving grounds near Gothenburg, Sweden. For more information, check out www.MotorAuthority.com Visit some of our sites today: Industry leading car reviews and shopping tools www.thecarconnection.com luxury and performance cars: www.motorauthority.com green and electric cars: www.greencarreports.com www.allcarselectric.com Family cars: www.familycarguide.com Cars and social media: www.socialcarnews.com
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Lionel BNSF SD70ACe – First on YouTube!

My first video to top 10000 views! Here’s my brand-new Lionel BNSF SD70ACe pulling a train on my permanent O scale layout. The engine is Legacy control equipped, and I’m operating the loco under TMCC. The engine is VERY detailed, the RailSounds are great, and the engine runs very smoothly. It is beautiful !! This video shows the SD70ACe going through its moves, from starting out, a couple run-bys, a pacing shot, and the engine stopping and shutting down. Since I shot this video, I’ve seen the actual BNSF 9380 (leading a train too), making this engine a lot more special to me!
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ok an electric train is going from east to west which side is the smoke going first to answer 10pts?

Question by notmicelf: ok an electric train is going from east to west which side is the smoke going first to answer 10pts?

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Answer by dumplingmuffin
electric= no smoke

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Lionel Amtrak HHP-8 set at Westport, CT First Night

This is actually the “Dennis the Train Man” event, as listed on the www.firstnightww.com site. He’s the one in the conductor cap, by the way. My extended Lionel HHP-8 set makes an appearance at this year’s “First Night’ randomly swapping places with the Metro-North M-7 set on the siding. Only 5 of the six cars appearing in the “Test track” video are in attendance, as the siding I had originally planned for was a smidge too long for the available space at the Westport Library (the band playing after our exhibit had their equipment occupying part of the room). and thus wasn’t long enough for all six cars. Also present are Dennis’ Hogwart’s Express (with two extra cars), some freight trains, steam engines and subway cars. Fun was had by all, in-between necessary track inspections on my loop, brought on my the “semi-compatible” transition joiners connecting the Atlas O track to the tubular straight track (they were designed for ‘O’ tubular rather than the smaller ‘o-27’ I had on hand). New for this year is the siding and block control which allowed me to swap trains without removing any from the track. You’ll see the swap occur a couple of times in these two videos. What you won’t see are the collisions I had from failing to re-set the switch back to the mainline aster pulling a train into it. I didn’t even have the common courtesy to have the camcorder pointed at them so I could have a blooper reel 🙂

My first Yakima Valley HO scale layout

My Yakima Valley HO scale layout, “Selah (Fruit Row)” at Trainwest 2007. Now the full 7:26 after an issue with the first video. The period depicted is the early 1980’s, when the Porto Streetcars could be seen operating tourist services alongside the UP freight. The layout is currently being extended to include the Carbarn area and industries on Pine St.