A tribute to my favorite train, ICE(Intercity Express)

ICE 3 is a family of high-speed EMUs of Deutsche Bahn. It includes classes 403 and 406, which are known as ICE 3 and ICE 3M respectively. Four multisystem trains, known as ICE International, are owned by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways). Loosely based on the ICE 3, Siemens developed its Siemens Velaro after the completion of the ICE 3 project.
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What are your favorite jazz songs?

Question by Joey B: What are your favorite jazz songs?
I’m a jazz vocalist and arranger, and I’m curious to see what everyone likes.

Best answer:

Answer by Michael
Oh man, it changes every day. I’ll give you a few that I’m really into right now, and then a couple classics.

Maiden Voyage/Everything In Its Right Place- Robert Glasper
Moanin’- Mingus
Emancipation Blues- Oliver Nelson
Isfahan- Ellington
Everything Happens to Me- Danilo Perez
Cottontail- Ellington
The Scenic Route- Matt Wilson
Blue 7- Sonny Rollins

These are just a few of my favorites, I’ll be interested to see what other people answer with!

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Paul Ely (December 25 1990) gets his favorite toy – an electric train

I was home on leave at my parents home in Waynesville MO. I was stationed at Moody AFB in Valdosta Georgia. For Christmas Paul gets an electric train that I had to assemble so he could ride it. Riding a train in a figure 8 gets boring after awhile; however the box became the tunnel that made the train ride much more fun.