Exploring the Newfoundland railway – 16

Slide show of photos taken last weekend of two railway museums, located in Clarenville and Carbonear Newfoundland, the Clarenville railway museum boasts three locomotives, of the three 1 can still run, a old plymouth switcher used at the former Newfoundland hardwoods company. While Carbonear has only peice of railway equipment on display, the old General Electric EMD-G8 locomotive, Canadian National Railway #803, this locomotive once served the community of Carbonear up until the end of the railway in 1984, which was the last run of the carbonear branchline, now all that remains is the memories of this once powerful locomotive, now only a shell of its once proud past, there is no motive power in place, no engine installed, she well never again roll the Carbonear branchline, never again well here the horns of #803, nor the passengers waiting at the station for #803 to drop by and pick them up. The newfoundland railway is now long gone, but the memories well live on forever! I remember taking a train trip when i was younger from Carbonear to Bay roberts and return, it was a great pleasure and i remember it like it was yesterday, i was about 8 years old at the time, i can remember looking out the window and watching the telegraph lines goes swooping by, the trees flying by, the homes along the line, and watching the passenger cars sway back and forth as the train makes its way around the sharp bends of the narrow gauge track. I can remember when i was younger, living on the
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