HD: The Most Amazing Train Ever! 19G With Many Rare Locomotives!

When I got a message from a fellow railfan on a Yahoo group that 19G had 8 engines all of Conrail heritage… NS D8-40CW 8420 NS D8-40CW 8315 NS GP38-2 5329 NS GP38-2 5277 “CRQ” CSX GP15-1 1554 “CRQ” NS GP38-2 5312 NS SD45-2 1705 NS SD45-2 1703 …I fell on the floor, started twitching, blacked out, and woke up to an EMS with an AED. The first scene is 19G barrelling through Myerstown in good light at HP 79.9, there is a hotbox / dragging equipment detector here. Unfortunately, when I got up to Hershey to catch him working (that video will be up soon), the sun had disappeared, but nevertheless, I got to catch it again chugging up to speed. The date is April 2, 2009, in the afternoon. RARITIES: CSX 1554 one of only 2 GP15-1’s in Conrail paint, NS 1705 and 1703, 2 of only 6 SD45-2’s on the system. Plus the fact that 8 exConrail units got lashed together!

Did your brother ever own a Lionel train set?

Question by daisymae: Did your brother ever own a Lionel train set?
I mean the ones that they sold in the mid-to-late 50s. They were well build and heavy. We loved watching the trains go round and round.

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Answer by MaryAnn
We still have my Husbands from the 40’s.

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Best Christmas Lionel Train Layout Ever Part 1

Best Christmas Lionel Train Layout Ever Part 1 of 4 We put sooo many little neat touches on the layout. See the shadow in the door of the mansion? The wreaths and bows on the buildings. And of course “It’s a Wonderfull Life” is playing at the theater It took 6 months to construct

What are your “New Year” resolutions that you never ever managed to fulfill?

Question by Paulo Coelho: What are your “New Year” resolutions that you never ever managed to fulfill?
One of the favorite questions of the journalists : ” now that you got everything you wanted, do you still have dreams?”

First, I didn’t get everything I wanted, although I got the most important things in life (love, fulfilling my personal legend, faith). Writing is a constant challenge, where you have to dig into your soul, having discipline, inspiration, and courage at the same time.

Second, like everybody else, I have my list of things that I want to do, and are still waiting. I don’t make “New Year’s” resolutions, but there are several unfulfilled tasks. I have enough time (contrary to the legend that famous people are always busy – they are not), I can afford, but I postpone.

Here is my list of things that I would love to do, and I never did. Would you please also share yours?

A]to learn how to dance well (from a 1 to 10 scale, I would say I am 2)

B] to learn how to play guitar ( from the same scale, I am definitely 1)

C] spend three months in a monastery, totally isolated from the world ( I already talked to the abbot three years ago, but I am always postponing)

D] a safari in Africa (politically incorrect, of course)

E] to sponsor a good boxer (I know it sounds politically incorrect, as the previous item, but boxing for me is the ultimate body dialogue)

F] to learn boxing myself

G] being in orbit circling the planet (the Russians are making a business out of it, but I never actually sought the information out)

H] to have dinner with Nelson Mandela (this one I tried, but I did not manage so far)

I] to fly a Mirage (as a passenger, of course)

While writing this list, I realized that I did most of the things I wanted (the most recent being a 9.280 kms train journey from Moscow to Vladivostok, in 2006). And probably I also have some other itens that are so hidden in my heart that I don’t even know. But just in case that I remember some more, I will update this list.

So, what are your “New Year” resolutions that you never ever managed to fulfill?

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Answer by James C
Never do today that which I can put off ’til tomorrow.
Secret, Tomorrow never comes.

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