LEGO Train Sets 7898, 7938, 7939 and the Emerald Express

LEGO battery operated trains in action. Although I have been a huge 9V train fan, these trains are fun to play with. The speed and power of the new “Power Functions” train system is really amazing (way better than 2005’s battery system). These trains will become a nice extra for any 9V train layout.

LEGO Trains Review: Toy Story 3 Train, Emerald Night and the Maersk Container Train

Here are the sets that I show and or talk about in this video. If you know of any other LEGO train sets not mentioned here, please let me know. This is a review of LEGO trains in general, and in the future I will be reviewing all of these LEGO train sets. Toy Story 3 Western Train Chase, #7597: Maersk Container Train, #10219: Emerald Night, #10194: Hogwarts Express, #4841: Passenger Train, #7938: Flex and Straight Track, #7499: Level Crossing, #7936: Switching Tracks, #7895: Cargo Train, #7939: MY BOOKS HERE: Snapshots In Time Buy it at Amazon The Book Depository. (Free shipping worldwide) BUY MY LATEST BOOK HERE: How To Survive An Alien Abduction And Other Useful Information Barnes & Noble The Book Depository. (Free shipping worldwide) Australia UK
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