What kinds of things can electrical engineers build in the practical world?

Question by Kyll: What kinds of things can electrical engineers build in the practical world?
If I got my EE degree and then decided to start a business, selling for example electric guitars, can I do that? (meaning will I have enough knowledge to do that?)

I guess what I’m really confused about is what exactly are the things that electrical engineers can do, please give me many examples if possible. I’m searching the net and everyone speaks about it to generally, like ‘they make circuits’ I want to know like they are making circuits for what kinds of objects?

Thanks!! 🙂

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Answer by Abhishek Rao
ain’t nuthin they can build except for Chris Tucker and other of his peoples

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Electrical Training With Apprenticeships

Electrical training is generally a combination of classroom and hands-on training, often under the auspices of labour union apprenticeship programs that last for several years. While there are some basic classes for do-it-yourselfers that are short and sweet, most electrical training does not happen overnight. It’s one of the most responsible trades, and can be fraught with safety problems if you don’t have the right training. In order to undertake the schooling you must be committed to the program and to pursuing the career of electrician.

Electrical apprenticeship training is physically tough as well as mentally rigorous. You must be able to do extensive climbing on scaffolding and ladders, pulling of wiring and ropes, crawling around floors and rafters and under crawlspaces, crouching, and working in quarters that are confined and cramped.

To complete electrical training satisfactorily you’ll need to be able to lift up to 50 pounds frequently. Your ability to follow very detailed instructions must be top notch. You cannot be colour blind, as wiring is generally keyed by colour. You may be working outdoors extensively so the ability to withstand the elements for long periods is a requirement as well.


Satisfactory completion of apprentice electrical training is no dead end. In fact, the only limitations on your electrical career are your ambition and your imagination. Of course, your ability is a factor as well, but completion of a satisfactory five year apprenticeship speaks well to that.

Apprentices can continue their work as journey level electricians. They can continue their education and gain further hands-on experience and progress to foreperson, superintendent or even a self-employed contractor. Many current electrical and construction contractors in their own successful businesses began their electrical training as apprentices.

One of the areas of electrical work, and one that the electrical training focuses on extensively is that of installation and maintenance of such automatic controls as electronic circuitry for industry.

Apprentices, once graduated, can go on to government work, either with their local municipality, their county, state or the U.S. government. They can also take on some supervisory and administrative roles with their own labour union. Study, experience, and continued electrical training are the makings of union leadership. Labour-management relations might be a specialization for those who immerse themselves in electrical training and show themselves to have skills in communication and diplomacy.

Being selected for labour union electrical training is not easy. The unions are selective about who they choose. Candidates must be of good character and most demonstrate an aptitude for electrical work, the motivation to complete the training and go on to a successful electrical career and they demonstrate that they have the personality to work well with others, take direction, and relate well with customers. All electrical training candidates who pass the preliminary application process must then be interviewed by union representatives and electrical employees. If they don’t have an impressive school record, can’t show that they have math and science aptitude and haven’t been able to prove their reliability they will not be chosen for the apprentice electrical training program.

James Copper is a writer for http://www.electriciancareer.co.uk where you can find out about electrical training

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The Scope Of Electrical Training

There are countless numbers of Diploma programs and training courses available today. All of theses diploma programs promise an aspiring career. While most of these Diploma programs fail to keep their promises, there are a very few programs which still have their charm. The Diploma programs in Electrical technologies are the examples of such careers which really have the potential to get you into aspiring careers. There are many reasons behind the career providing potential of the electrical training. Just keep reading on the article to know more about Electrical training and its career scopes.

Best Career opportunity Energy Conscious World

You will be well aware of the fact that today’s world is highly energy conscious. You will hear the phrase “Save Energy” everywhere around this Planet. All the industries are trying to build improved, eco-friendly energy systems. You will be able to see many industries looking for alternate sources of energy as a part of energy conservation. The demand for well trained electrical technology professionals is in huge demand today. This sophisticated technology is often referred as Residential and Light Commercial Electricity. As the name indicates, “Residential and Light Commercial Electricity” deals with creating alternate energy sources for the operation of electrical equipments used in our day to day lives and industrial applications.


Pennsylvania Electrical Training – The Quickest way to get into an aspiring career

Though the Trade Schools to get trained in Residential and Light Commercial Electricity are everywhere, there is something really special with the Pennsylvania Trade School. The Pennsylvania Electrical Training helps you to get into an aspiring career in Residential and Light Commercial Electricity in just eight months. The Pennsylvania Electrical Training prepares you with the basic skills like Residential and Light Commercial Wiring, Residential Construction Design, Cost Estimating, Circuit Design, Electrical Services Installation and Conduit Installation. With these skills learned from the Pennsylvania Trade School, you can deal with any challenges you come up with in the industry.

Areas of employment

Unlike other employment opportunities which are constrained to a specific industry, the careers in Residential and Light Commercial Electricity have a wide scope. Apart from getting employed in big industries, you can also earn a great deal of money by dealing with the works in residential areas. The Graduates trained with the diploma programs offered by the Pennsylvania Trade School can get into entry level careers as construction electricians with ease. Most of the Pennsylvania Electrical Training schools offer great placement assistance too.

Bottom line

Residential and Light Commercial Electricity is a rapidly growing career field in today’s modern world. As the old saying “strike the rod when it is hot”, this is the right time to get trained in Residential and Light Commercial Electricity. With the fast paced, quality training offered by the Pennsylvania Electrical Training schools, you will be able to equip yourselves with the much needed skills to shine in the career.

The author of this article is an experienced career advisor. He knows the importance of Diploma programs for ones career progress. When it comes to the best diploma programs, he recommends Pennsylvania Electrical Training. He knows the fact that graduates from triangle-tech will be able to get into an aspiring career instantly.

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Electrical Training Provides Good Job Opportunities

Those who are interested in becoming an electrician need formal electrical training from an institution.

There are ample job opportunities for electricians, even during this current recession, as every organization, whether it is a home, office, educational institution, or factory uses a variety of electrical appliances and/or machinery.

Training Institute Should be Recognized by the Government:

Electrical companies need ample manpower to manufacture and repair appliances. Some appliances need regular servicing, which can be done by trained electricians only.

Many companies hire a permanent or part time electrician with electrical training to solve their electrical problems. Also, there are a variety of electrical jobs, like doing the wiring of a new place, or renewing the old wiring.

This job requires sound knowledge and experience so that the wiring is done systematically, to avoid any possibility of short circuits. Also, plug points and safety fuses should be provided appropriately, depending upon the electricity consumption of the appliance/machinery.

Whether in the home or in an office, it is essential to get such wiring done only by trained persons so that all possibilities of electrical fires can be avoided. Also, the safety of the appliances/machinery can be ensured, as trained electricians will take the necessary safety measures.


Aspiring electricians can get the necessary training from an electrical training institution. However, since there are many candidates who want to enroll for such courses, many institutions have started their own courses. People should not opt for such courses if they are not recognized as an accredited institution by the government, as then they will have no value.

Especially in the current recession and with the level of unemployment, employers want certificates from institutions that are accredited by the government as that implies that the training is of a high standard.

Provisions for a Study Loan are Available:

While choosing a course, the person should be careful to opt for the right level. If he knows only the very basics about electrical connections, then he should opt for a beginner’s course.

Once he has completed it successfully and earned a diploma from the institution, he can opt for advanced training in the field.

Trained electricians should also apply for a license, as that will increase their job opportunities. In addition, they couldstart their own electrical business for repairing and servicing appliances and machinery.

Electrical training courses include both theoretical knowledge and practical training. Ideally a candidate should opt for full term regular courses but, incase he is already employed in another job, he can choose online and correspondence courses.

Such courses are offered by universities and institutions, which offer different distance learning programs. For the practical training, the candidate has to join a local electrical firm, as an assistant, and get the necessary work experience.

One can search on the internet for courses, as most reputed institutions will have their own website, where the contact details are provided. Remember to short-list the institutions that are government accredited, and compare the cost of the course, the duration, the study timing, and choose the most suitable course.

In case finances for the course are a problem, the candidate can contact the authorities of the concerned institution and ask if there is a provision for a study loan, which he will repay later.

By undergoing a suitable electrical training course, a person can ensure his/her future employment prospects.

James Copper is a writer for http://www.electricianscareer.co.uk where you can find information on electrical training

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Quickstart Electrical Training

There are many places in the United States, where you can get trained as an electrician, or for your own core Around-The-home repair or build a large new lucrative career electrician. One school in California, is dedicated to nothing but electrical training for those who can demonstrate the skill and desire to go to the end. Let’s look at what it offers.

In Los Angeles, California, for example, electrical training is highly regulated and legislated. IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and National Electrical Contractors Association NECA committed to respecting and electrical training, which teaches methods, tools and rules for students in the Union workforce. Organized workers and administrators understand the importance electricians are the building process. Together they created an institution for electrical training, which teaches journey-level electrical basics of working with logic control systems, which are programmable, as well as complex data, which are in the modern commercial and residential buildings.


This is a union electrical training program actually funded by the private sector, with contributions coming from the Union of the workers themselves and their employers. Those students involved in the preparation Do not have to pay for training and even pay a living wage for their practical training.

Students in the preparatory work for an apprentice electrician program, which teaches them the electrical trade as a class store and in the workplace. Classes are held in the evenings for at least six hours a week. Wage increases of the periodic report depends on experience, classes in school and attendance.

Electrical training lasts five years. Each student attends at least 160 classroom hours per year. They almost have to go through at least 8000 hours of work.

Electrical training program NECA and IBEW way to show customers and potential customers that they are committed to producing highly qualified electricians. As a result of this training jobs, that work is completed on the force for a period of high quality products and work. Call backs are rare.

After initial training at the Institute of Electrical graduated hasn’t ended, however. Its an ongoing process, especially in light of the various green energy projects across the state and nation. One of the main tasks is to prepare the electrical training to work at a safe place. All electrical training courses to teach safety. One course is dedicated to a safe workplace. Its not just a question of maintaining the electric sound working either. Electric rain takes into account that while the electrical projects completed in the retail, office or other commercial among employees of the client, can continue to work at the facility. They should be safe as well.

QuickStart Electrical Training We has scheduled a couple more classes. One in southern California (Van Nuys Oct. 24 & 25) and in northern California.

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Model Railroad Vol 3: Electrical, DCC & control

It’s the track and electrical side of your model train layout that makes or breaks how well the trains run. In our DVD volume 3, we’ve assembled a number of how-to shorts into chapters covering many of the best expert electrical and DCC insights for your model railroad. Also see: model-railroad-hobbyist.com for lots more free model railroading how-to info.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Train Electrical Locker Swinging Open on Metro

Train Electrical Locker Swinging Open on Metro
electric trains
Image by brownpau
Someone didn’t close the high voltage locker on this Metro train car (#3262AC on the Blue Line, Breda rolling stock 3000-series rehabilitated by Alstom) so it was swinging open and closed as the train moved. Is this safe? I don’t think it’s safe.

Electrical training program for better career prospects

Electricians can upgrade and extend their knowledge by taking up additional courses like commissioning of lighting controls according to Title 24 Energy Code, and how to apply lighting control equipments.

Trainee electrical programs will qualify electricians for the state electrical certification examination and equip them to build a successful career in the electrical field.

Online Electrical Training Program:

www.californiaelectricaltraining.com offers online class on energy controls, residential, non-residential, general, voice and data, life and fire safety to aspiring electricians. Once you enroll with the online training school, you will be allowed to work for an electrical contractor. The trainee program offered by California electrical training company complies with California state requirements and is approved by the state for electrical certification. The duration of the online electrical training program is 30 months and it is mandatory for trainee electricians to attend a minimum of 12 weekend lab classes. The best thing about these lab classes is that, you can choose the lab class as well as the school where you want to attend, except that the school you choose should be listed on the website of Division of Apprenticeship Standards. You will have eight hour day session including labs for four days a week. One weekend lab class a month is mandatory for all trainees to attend. Trainees will be issued lighting control equipment for training to perform basic commercial, industrial and residential electrical work. To qualify for the training program, you first have to complete all the free lighting courses offered by the Lighting Control Association


Advantages of Training With www.californiaelectricaltraining.com :

California Electrical Training follows the training hours prescribed by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards to cover class on energy controls and the lighting control equipment for training that will make you eligible for the state electrical certification examination. You will receive the certification only after you have achieved 8,000 hours of work experience. Electrical Trainees that have completed our 30 month course that possibly fail their examination at the first attempt; California Electrical Training will tutor you and will also pay for your re-examination until you clear. On successful completion, they will notify electrical contractors of your availability for employment. California electrical online training offers trainees the convenience of attending class on energy controls from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. The online training facility eliminates traveling and class scheduling. You can attend the class and complete required sessions at your own pace, since it is available 24×7. On successfully completing the monthly quiz, you will be issued a certificate every month for the material covered. The .000 worth lighting control equipment for training will train you to use the equipment effectively. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate from the California Electricals Training as well as from the participating lighting control vendors.

Curriculum Covered:

In its class on energy controls, California Electrical Training covers the following aspects

Review of basic lighting technology and state approved lighting controls listed in S119.
Basic energy management system
Lighting control equipment for training in lighting and distribution systems.
Understanding of control specifications and respective technology.
How to perform Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling terminations.
Learning various installation procedures.
Title 24 lighting controls acceptance procedure
NFPA 70E Electrical Safety procedures

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