I have a lionel train set #1612. It was manufatured in the early 60’s . How can I find its’ worth?

Question by Daryl C: I have a lionel train set #1612. It was manufatured in the early 60’s . How can I find its’ worth?

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Answer by dustin k
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HiDef: NS Harrisburg Line Trains in Early May 2009

For the lack of a better title, let’s just say the weather this May was wet, windy, and dark. But that didn’t stop some sweet trains from rolling on by, as you can tell, trains with 6 to 9 engines, exConrails, veteran power… etc. Rain or shine, the Harrisburg Line is captured in any weather condition. 5-1-09 H33 roars past the purina feed mill… NS GP40-2 3038 “Conrail” NS GP38-2 5070 5-1-09 Rain starts to fall as more RS-3L sounds fill the hear, though no longer blue, 33A sports a nice leader. NS D8-40CW 8388 NS D9-40CW 9859 5-1-09 64J in the pouring rain. NS D9-40CW 9649 NS SD40-2 3381 5-1-09 16T with a motherload of nine locomotives, including all of the types of SD40-2’s on the active roster! WOW! NS D9-40CW 9879 NS D9-40CW 9712 NS ES40DC 7694 NS SD70M-2 2701 NS SD40-2 6107 NS SD40-2 1651 NS SD40-2 3361 “Conrail Quality” NS D9-40CW 9720 NS SD60I 6749 “Conrail Quality” 5-2-09 14G with a pair of black eights and none other than JB Kerr at the helm. NS D8-40CW 8372 NS D8-40CW 8322 5-2-09 Yet another grand 34A (note the backwards NS doors on the 9250): NS D9-40CW 9250 “Operation Lifesaver” NS ES40DC 7712 NS SD40-2 6107 NS SD70M-2 2701 NS ES40DC 7694 NS GP38-2 5617 5-2-09 21M flies by with, wait a minute? A P3 horn on an SD70M-2? NS SD70M-2 2749 NS SD70M-2 2773 NS D9-40CW 9552 Sadly, that was the only sunny shot. 5-2-09 18N sports some blue… NS D9-40CW 9354 NS D8-40CW 8360 “Conrail Quality” 5-2-09 33A… awesome power, to say the least. NS D8-40CW 8437 “Conrail
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Thomas Wooden Railway – Early Engineers

The classic train system parents have loved for generations featuring Thomas & Friends has a new line designed especially for beginning engineers. Designed to captivate toddlers’ imaginations while bringing train play within their grasp, the Thomas Wooden Railway Early Engineers Line features larger engines that are perfect for small hands as well as track and destinations that fit into simple molded layouts so everything stays securely in place. The Early Engineers Line is also compatible with the rest of the Thomas Wooden Railway, so as little engineers continue their journey with Thomas, they can easily expand and add to their Thomas Wooden Railway line.

Is anyone familar with an apple II game from the late 80’s early 90’s.?

Question by swdshmeatballs: Is anyone familar with an apple II game from the late 80’s early 90’s.?
I dont remeber the exact point of the game and have no idea why i played it when i was young. i cant remember the title of the game and its been bugging me forever. Anway i do remember that u played as a “black hat” which was what the character looked like, and you went around to different cities in the U.S. on trains that u caught at certain times in each city. You were tryign to look for infected ppl in the cities that reminded me of “fuzzy tvs”. If you touched one of these infected ppl u became infected as well and lost control of your character and jsut bounced around on the different screens. In the end i think you were looking for the source of the infection perhaps a “tv set” looking thing. Maybe you were trying to stop the infection from spreading. I know i have been pretty vague but please please please if any has ANY idea what this game would be let me know! Thanks

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Answer by dualmp
The only game that I remember back then was Zork it almost sounds like that but I don’t think it is. Good question I would like to remember some of them they were the best expecally with your imagination.

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