How do you become an authorized Lionel train dealer?

Question by Friendly Little One: How do you become an authorized Lionel train dealer?
Visited the Lionel website but the page doesn’t seem to work. Looking to see how you can become an authroized dealer of Lionel Trains. Also wondering if you can be an authorized dealer online only or if you are required to have a physical store front? This would be for my dad who is considering starting this up as a business after he retires from his regular job. Thanks!

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Answer by Yahzmin (US) (₪₪₪)
Site was working fine for me. A bit slow, but it worked. Here is a direct link to their contact page; maybe that will help you. They don’t seem to have any instructions how to become one, so I think contacting them directly is the only way to go:

If you don’t mind snail mail (or if the link still gives you problems), try this:
Lionel LLC
Customer Service
26750 Twenty-Three Mile Road
Chesterfield, Michigan 48051-1956

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Lionel D-148 Dealer Display – Built by Toy Trains Unlimited

This is a Reproduction Lionel D-148 Dealer Display that is 8′ x 8′ It has three trains an a trolley running at the same time with lots of operating accessories. The walls in the background were painted by a local artist in Dallas, Texas. Design Copyrighted by Toy Trains Unlimited