Where should I go during the 10 days I’m spending in San Diego this August?

Question by AnnalynneR: Where should I go during the 10 days I’m spending in San Diego this August?
I am planning on the following:
Balboa Park
Astronaut Museum
San Diego Zoo

Day trips to Los Angeles
Disney Land
Chinese Theater
Museum of Modern Art

What am I missing? Any specific cool activites/ festivals/ must sees in San Diego??


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Answer by Ruby Osiris
Over the Line might be going on in August, on Fiesta Island – it’s really cool
Old Town has old missions/history of SD stuff
Ocean Beach is my favorite beach here
LA sucks, I went there for a day & hated it
Sea World is cool
Wild Animal Park is different than the zoo, but affilliated with it – the animals run free there
There’s wine tasting at various vineyards (especially in Temecula)
Gaslamp district for nightlife

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Southern Electric – Classic Traction in the Rail Blue Days

A collection of colour and black & white footage depicting Southern Railway and Southern Region electric units in Blue livery. The first few scenes show 2-HAL (Class 402) units, followed by a lengthy sequence depicting the final days of the 2-BIL (Class 401) units including one of the final runs, a railtour which took in amongst other places the much lamented Broad Street station (an island of third rail operation on the London Midland Region) where Class 501 3-car units are much in evidence. The final sequence shows 4-SUB, 4-CIG and 4-TC units (the latter operated by BRCW Type 3/Class 33 diesels and Class JA/JB/Class 73 electro-diesels) in their early days.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Why are employers so uptight these days?

Question by ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Scouser Ste◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌: Why are employers so uptight these days?
I’m so frustrated with the job market.

I’m 19, I finished education only a year ago. Why do they ALL seem to demand experience specifically in that field instead of (like they did before) provide the relevant training themselves? It’s like a glass ceiling to get into a job with prospects. I just don’t see any way out. Even the NHS sets “no prior experience in hospitals” as a handicap for a PORTERING job? What? How can I get experience in hospitals, if I can’t get an entry level position?

I have so much to offer, but no opportunity to prove it.
For the record, I got an interview for a portering job – but was told my lack of expeience in hospitals made it difficult to employ me…

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Answer by Jenna C
welcome to my world. i guess i assumed that once i graduated college, employers would be banging on my door dying to hire me…. lol it didn’t quite turn out that way. is there someone you know (a former boss) that would be ok with you “tweaking” your resume, to reflect that you have had some experience in the field you want? for example, even if you worked at burger king once before, you wouldn’t lie and say you were a manager, but maybe you could say you were a candidate for MIT (manager in training) white lies to get you into the job market never hurt anything, just make sure your references are aware and ok with what you say.

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