Is a model railroad transformer dangerous for kids?

Question by Albert: Is a model railroad transformer dangerous for kids?
I just got a ready-to run train set from MTH.
It comes with a 100 watt transformer. It comes in 4 pieces:
AC wall plug—>Controller—>Banana Plugs—>Track Connector
I’m not concerned with the wall adapter as it simply powers the controller. My concern is with the banana plugs that go to the track connector.
What if my son or daughter disconnect these and put them in their mouth? Spill water on the connector? What if they put their tongue on track? (they are really young)
Should I be concerned with an electric shock, or is the output for model trains to low to harm people?
This is an O gauge set.
It is much bigger than the HO and better suited for the kids.

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Answer by uk_pindar
Its probably been made not to give a shock ,but just test it yourself with either an electrical screwdriver or give it a lick.

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