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Using Kadee Couplers in Large Scale Part 1

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

If you’ve considered using Kadee couplers on your large-scale trains, here’s a demo of why they’re so popular! (Part 1 0f 2).
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Can I use any couplers to couple all same scale model trains ?

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Question by : Can I use any couplers to couple all same scale model trains ?
Can you couple horn hook coupler rolling stock trains to a locomotive with a knuckle coupler ?

I bought 3 new rolling stock ho scale freight cars and want to hook them to a new ho scale locomotive with knuckle couplers ?

I understand that some couplers are considered to be better or easier to use than others but I only plan on a 36 inch circular track so will all couplers couple on all same scale trains ?

Can I still use my new locomotive to pull my new freight cars even though they have different styles of couplers ?

If not, how difficult is it to convert a locomotive knuckle coupler to a horn and hook coupler to pull my horn and hook trains ?

Best answer:

Answer by Terry F

Get rid of the horn couplers and replace with Knuckle couplers. KADEE web site will tell you the model to purchase depending on the model of stck car purchased.

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Help with how to install/mount Kadee no. 5 couplers on HO scale tyco operating hopper cars?

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Question by ace: Help with how to install/mount Kadee no. 5 couplers on HO scale tyco operating hopper cars?
Hi, I am building my first HO scale model train layout and right now I am in the process of changing all of the couplers on my cars. I have 8 tyco operating hopper cars, but they have different types of trucks. Some of them have a metal truck with a permanently attached draft gear box. I can not get it open to exchange the couplers. Some other hoppers have Bachmann couplers (I think they are called horn hook) that are not magnetic, they just couple themselves when they are forced together. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by takari_60087
do you have an NMRA coupler guage for HO
they can be found in your local train shop
for most couplers you can open up and replace the old one for a kadee
unit but watch the spring inside doesn’t go flying
set in place and check the height with the guage

for those trucks you can’t open consider replacing the whole truck with a new one that has a kadee unit in it already

most modellers who replace their couplers also reposition the coupler onto the carbody so the truck can freewheel through curves without the twisting that happens with truck mounted ones
this will provide a stronger mounting for the coupler and reduce derailments

I also reccommend replaceing all trucks and or wheelsets with good quality free rolling ones as most tyco trucks dont roll freely
this is an easy thing to find out as a car with free rolling wheels will roll down any non-level track as soon as you put it on
if it doesn’t roll replace both sets
this will reduce the wear on your locomotives and allow you to run longer trains

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How do I choose model train couplers?

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Question by buzzard7454: How do I choose model train couplers?
I have a bunch of HO model trains and many have broken couplers or have different ones that don’t match up. I want to replace all of them so they are all the same. What do I need to do to select the right coupler for my trains? I am not asking about which brand to use, but is there something I need to look for in terms of size, style, etc that will fit all my trains (the trains are all different brands)?

Best answer:

Answer by Grgbulldog
I suggest Kadee Couplers. They’re the best.

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