I have three questions regarding model trains. DCC, Track, Coupler conversion.?

Question by metalsuitman: I have three questions regarding model trains. DCC, Track, Coupler conversion.?
I have just recently gotten back into model trains. I guess I have some leisure time on my hands working here in China and have set up a layout which is a work in progress.

My first question is regarding track and how to determine size that a curve will take up. I know from the track I have which is standard but I need a tighter curve and wonder how to accomplish this. I have read there is flexible track but I am in China and do not know where to obtain it. I also think if I had the shorter curve track that might solve my problem.

My second question is regarding the new style trains and the mentioning of DCC which I know about but have not concerned myself with getting into. The question is: Will a DCC train work on a standard transformer run track? I assume it will but not sure.

My third question is: I have some older trains with the old style couplers in HO gauge. Is there a conversion to the new style?

Thanks for you help. Any other help is welcome.

My trains are HO Scale. I have an outside track which is a standard curve. I wish to run a track inside that with a tighter curve. I know they make shorter curve track and I suppose this will enable me to do this. I just don’t know the distance from one side of the curve to the other. Going to a hobby shop is not possible since there are none here in China that I have found. I just want to know the distance from the beginning of one side of the curve across to the other side of the curve. I can get the track but am building the layout and want to make sure I make the upper portion big enough to accept the curve.

The DCC is digital control and I do not have that. I want to buy an engine that says it is DCC ready and want to run it with a conventional transformer. Is there a compatibility problem doing that? Later I can do the DCC but for now just want to run the trains the old fashioned way.

How about coupler conversion to the new style. Wnat to convert to new style.

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Answer by Michael C
the size of the train set should be on the box it came in .
that will give you the size of the lay out .
from there you can use less of the track which should give you a shorter curve .you could also use a size whitch will put a turn in it the less track you use the shorter your curve will be .
you can obtain the track on eBay or at a hobby shop.
as for the DC that is the us transformer
the older trains should run on the same track as long as it is ho scale

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What kind of coupler is best for a ho train layout.?

Question by Tim: What kind of coupler is best for a ho train layout.?
I am new to model trains. I have bachmann e-z mate couplers and life like kadee couplers. I had a problem with the spring coming out on the bachmann coupler. Witch one is more popular and durable, kadee or knuckle?
Sorry, I thought that kadee was something else. Can somebody send me a list of couplers w/pictures to help me identify my life like coupler.

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Answer by aviophage
You can’t beat Kadee magetic couplers. Just stick with the brand name. They have a huge selection of shank designs for every situation.

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