Is old, used cork worth saving?

Question by trainboy765: Is old, used cork worth saving?
I have a significant amount of cork from two previous model railroads I had. Some of it is about 15 years old, the rest is around 30. Both have been sitting in boxes for about the past 5 years and will probably stay in boxes for at least another 5 to 10.

Is this stuff at all worth saving, or should I just throw it out and buy new cork when I go to make my next layout?

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01.15.11 Phase II – HOW TO lay cork, track & building two access panels

Well it took three days where I worked for about 1-2 hours a night rather than one whole evening of work as I had originally planned but I ran out of supplies and had to wait one day to get to AA Hobbies, the hobby shop in Warwick, RI and get what I needed to complete my project. The final video PHASE III will be done over the next week when I take the time to get to it and test all the track out with the engines. So before Phase III video you will see a video of trains going around the layout after I work out any bugs that I may come upon.