Lionel 6-28029 Union Pacific BIG BOY from 1999, with Command Control – kgtrains – ebay

Lionel 6-28029 Union Pacific BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 Steam Locomotive & Tender with Command Control The Big Boy was loved by the crews that ran her for her ease of firing and great boiler; she was much easier to fire than the challenger and was often run by inexperienced crews during WW2. (Because of man power shortages) This is Lionel’s excellent 1999 version, it has tmcc cab-1 control. The Union Pacific Big Boy, all one million pounds of it, ruled the Wahsatch Mountains for nearly 20 years. This mighty leviathan thrashed through the mountains day after day, year after year, pulling as much as 4200 tons behind its massive bulk. The inspiration for Lionel’s reproduction, the 4006 had more service miles than any of the other Big Boy locomotives when it was retired in 1961. Your wait is over-enjoy the powerful and majestic Lionel BIG BOY on your layout today! •High Torque Pittman motor •Die-cast boiler, frame and tender •Articulated RailSounds 4.0 with TowerCom, CrewTalk and DynaChuff •TrainMaster Command Control equipped •All 16 driver wheels powered •Wireless tether •Fan driven smoke generator •Detailed cab interior •Firebox glow •Engineer & Fireman figures •Operating headlight •Directional lighting •Tender mounted ElectroCoupler •Operates on 072 diameter or greater curves •Approximate length 32″ •Instructions included
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ball control while running in soccer?

Question by Taewon H: ball control while running in soccer?
hi im a soccer player and im pretty fast. however when i run fast sometimes i lose control of the ball and my opponent has a better chance of taking the ball away from me. any tips or training?

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Answer by Craig B
To be honest with you, the most important thing when dribbling/running with the ball is that you keep it close to your feet at all times. I’m sure you know about Lionel Messi…..he is a master of this, if you watch him the ball is never more than a couple of inches away from his feet.

One way to improve this is by setting up a series of cones on the ground, and just constantly practice dribbling in and around them keeping the ball under control at all times. Using both feet, and getting used to keeping your eye on the ball to begin with, and then once you grow in confidence it will feel more natural and you can then begin to look up as you are dribbling.

It’s important also to mix up the way you set up the cones. Set up say 10 cones in a straight line……. 1 yard apart and just take it slow. It’s about keeping control of the ball first and the best way to do this is start off slow…….once you have mastered keeping the ball under total control, this will come naturally to you, and whether you are doing it slowly, or at full pace……it wont matter!

Then after that set them up in a zig zag formation etc. etc. just to get you going in different directions and getting used to using both feet.

I hope this is some help to you!!!

Good luck 😀

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how do you hook lionel pennsylvania flyer train tracks up to the transformer where you control it .?

Question by colts_rock_1: how do you hook lionel pennsylvania flyer train tracks up to the transformer where you control it .?
i lost the directions i have the cord to connect the two but i dont know how

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Answer by Dilbert
It should be obvious from the cord. Does it any bare wires, or just connectors? If it just has connectors, they aren’t likely to fit the wrong way, so you just connect them whatever way they fit, and it should work fine. If it has any bare wires, there should be screw terminals or post terminals for them. You just loosen those, wrap the bare end of the wire, and tighten. You’re really not likely to get it wrong, so just try it, how it looks like it ought to go, and see if it works.

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Could an induction motor be used for regenerative braking in electric train control?

Question by : Could an induction motor be used for regenerative braking in electric train control?

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Answer by johnm
Sounds possible. See I see it as a real possibility for lighter passenger trains. It might take development of special batteries for the heavier trains.

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White Creek Railroad : Running 7 5″ train with remote control and mid train or rear DPU

Running our 7.5″ trains at the White Creek Railroad at the 2011 fall open meet. Running remote control using the Airwire G scale set up to run our large trains. One nice thing with running remote is that a mid train or rear train DPU can be used. A rear train DPU gives a smooth ride as no slack action if felt. Running a mid train DPU you can take 2 trains and run them as one. This adds lots of fun to this hobby. DPU stands for Distributed Power Unit. Also I got to pull the White Creek Military Train.
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