The Polar Express – Christmas Comes to Lionel Town

Here’s an effort to use the layout as a movie set, featuring the Polar Express train set by Lionel, with all the add-on cars, the elf hand car, and some animated scenes by Lamaze. Editing by Pinnacle Studio 11. Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner. Keep the volume up to get the full effect of “the surprise”. Hope you enjoy.

Here Comes The Train (Lomokino Test) – #13

Here Comes The Train (Lomokino Test) – #13
lionel trains
Image by Patrick DB
1/13/12 365 Challenge, I am very excited about this Christmas gifts. Just got back the first 3 test rolls, one was blank, one a few images and this last (the one I took first) was filled to the brim with images. This is the crappy Target scan. Normally, I would scan myself but I was too excited to look at the results. This is Lionel train (circa 1990) going around the Christmas tree.

Lomo Color 800 ASA

Pointe comes naturally to me?

Question by Loulu Michel: Pointe comes naturally to me?
Is it possible that as a newbie to pointe, it’s… easy to me? En pointe my feet are turned out and also have a pretty good arch for a beginner. During pointe class I am usually put with the girls who have done pointe for about a year or so, and usually never have problems.

I’ve been on for a week or so and my feet are not hurting. Whilst en pointe it is just uncomfortable but doesn’t hurt. All the other newbies in my class are having problems with going over their box and with the pain.

I have Bloch Serenades and the Bunheads Ouch Pouches. Does that have anything to do with it?

my questions are.
*Even on my first time en pointe it was not painful is that natural?
*The only things hurting are my ankle and my calf muscles, is there anything wrong?
*Im thinking of getting gaynor mindens next time because they look really good. Is it alright? But i heard they’re bad for “training” your feet.
*Am I doing something wrong?
*Best type of Toepad?
*How are your experiences with the Bloch Serenades? Next shoe… Bloch, Sansha, or Gaynor Mindens? (please name the shoe model :))


Best answer:

Answer by Theresa
My first time on pointe was a bit painful because I had been fitted wrong, but once I got good pointe shoes, pointe was fine and painless for me. Ouch pouches are really good, so that’s probably part of it.

Nope, you’re doing fine. Keep doing ankle strengthening exercises and also warmups on pointe. (Stepping up, etc)

Gaynors…. I had grishkos first and then changed to gaynor. I really like gaynors but I don’t know if they’re the best choice for a first shoe because they really don’t give your foot a chance to strengthen. I love them and I would go for them as maybe a second or third pair

No, you’re doing great, keep going! 😉

I like Ouch pouches, matter of personal opinion. Pretty much everyone I know uses them though

I haven’t used them….. If you have bigger/ wide/ squarish feet, Sansha is the way to go, otherwise I would try GM’s.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Slow in coming, gourmet coffee finally comes to Paris

Slow in coming, gourmet coffee finally comes to Paris
A man prepares coffee in a coffepot on April 7, 2011 in a cafe as it hosts a frog fight, a monthly throwdown for baristas in Paris. Photo courtesy: AFP
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Gourmet coffee finally comes to Paris
It’s famous for its sun-kissed sidewalk cafes, but Paris has lagged well behind New York, London and Sydney as a Mecca for connoisseurs of fine coffee — until now.
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Cantor: Spending, not revenue, is the problem
Top Republicans come out in staunch opposition to tax increases the president is expected to propose
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